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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Vacation Rental Software - Maximize Your Rental Business Growth With Our Vacation Rental Software

Our award-winning vacation rental software is used by successful property managers all over the world. Here's our simple process.




What is a Vacation Rental Software?


Vacation rental software is a comprehensive software that automates all the operations of any type and size of a vacation rental. It streamlines online distribution, reservation management, housekeeping, guest engagement, and many other routine operations. Besides, it assists you in imparting remarkable experiences to your guests.

BookingXML is the perfect vacation rental software solution for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their rental business globally and for those who strive to boost their rental business. Our rental software solution is meticulously designed in such a way that it helps you meet all the rental demands.


Best vacation Rental Software Development Company


BookingXML is a leading vacation rental software development company, providing software to automate and streamline the management of properties for vacation rental managers. It supports and combines property management systems, online reservation systems, and hotel channel managers and can be installed in a web-based or cloud-based system.

Vacation rental management software offers a variety of solutions for organizing and managing your income, upkeep, and tenants to help you keep up without paying someone else to manage your property.

Vacation rental package solutions, as well as Airbnb clones, from an established firm such as BookingXML, offer features such as online booking, various third-party integration, and reporting to help you shape your vacation rental administration.

Our company provides tour and holiday booking portal services to the customer. We provide an advanced and customize booking portal to the client where clients can update their tour and holiday packages via the admin dashboard. 

In the tour and holiday packages booking portal we provide variety and so many features which make it easy and useful activity for the client portal. Now clients can sell their holiday and tour packages on the online platform to customers by using our website development and design services.

BookingXML offers Vacation Booking Portals that are easy to navigate and enrich with interactive designs and technology. The Package Portals are cheap flight booking, the best Holiday packages of all famous destinations around the world, Instant bookings of tickets and many more features can be added to portals. 

A unique user id and password are provided to clients who purchase our products the booking, and the packages are easy and convenient. A secure and reliable payment gateway is integrated for easy payment and cancellation is done automatically.

BookingXML provides advanced technology-based holiday management software for Travel Agencies that help travelers to book a holiday package as per their sightseeing preferences and make itineraries with the help of customization features available on the web page. 

Tour and Travel Agency can add and manage package inventory, group travel, manage customers & travel agents, fully automate your sales process, query follow-up management, etc. with the help of Travel CRM.

We develop a fully customized tour booking software that allows travelers to make easier reservations, modifications, and cancellations directly from the website. We offer cost-effective and practically best-in-the-industry booking engines for Tour Operating agencies. 

Our tour booking software offers a smart and sleek booking experience and requires the least effort to book the desired holiday package online. Our solution is fully cross-platform. Our tour operator software allows the tour operating agencies to combine various holiday resources like Flights/ Hotels/ Bus&Car bookings/ with the package. 

Customers can make packages for groups looking for casual tours or office employees' tour packages in the same system. Using our tour booking engine software Online Travel Agents can provide multiple options to their guests who can choose from a wide range of available packages as per their needs. You can also improve customer relationships with email / SMS-based automated follow-up systems.


How Vacation Rental Booking System helps Travel & Tour Operators?




BookingXML develops a fully customized online vacation rental software that allows travelers to make easier reservations, modifications, and cancellations directly from the website.  Our online vacation rental software helps our customers maximize revenue, reduce operational costs, streamline the guest experience, and outperform the competition. 

We provide advanced tour operator holiday packaging software that helps you build a package, manage inventory, group travel, manage customers & tour operators, automate your sales process completely, improve the orders of your services, manage your accounts and gain full insight into your travel business. 

The aim BookingXML aimed creative and innovative cloud-based applications for specialist agencies that operate many vacation rentals. We provide enterprises with tools that keep their companies ahead of the market, optimize their resources, and drive growth. 

We bring global holiday packages, enabling tour operators and travel agencies to book online rentals integrated with global leading suppliers. Our powerful API solution provides live data without spending hours on research on your website. It makes the platform easy to use and ensures higher conversions. You can deliver your customer's prices, inventory, discounts, rooms, and details on an in-house basis through our GDS systems. 

BookingXML is among the travel portal development company, we provide complete travel & tour booking software for the tourism industry, with high-end features of tour and holiday package modules. Outsource your travel portal development and holiday packaging system development, vacation package system, and tour package portal development to us to get quality travel software solutions at affordable prices. 

We are developing Vacation Package Systems, Travel Management Software, Online Travel Agency Software, Travel Agent Software, Online Travel Booking, Online Ticket Reservation, Online Reservation Systems, Ticket Booking Online, Travel Booking, and Travel Portal Development for Global Travel Companies. 

We develop fully customized online vacation rental software that allows travelers to make reservations, modifications, and cancellations easily directly from the website. We offer tour operators realistic and cost-effective booking engines. 


How Vacation Rental Software Works?


Vacation rental software is a complicated tool with numerous great advantages. It will enable hosts to scale their businesses by increasing efficiency. Automated guest messaging and review automation can save hosts and property managers a significant amount of time.

It can also help you protect your property in a variety of ways and decrease human mistakes. You can avoid costly double bookings and embarrassing slip-ups by automating critical everyday processes like calendar synchronization and cleaning services.

Owners and managers are well-versed in various roles. After delivering the confirmation email with check-in instructions, there is a slew of chores that must be accomplished at specific times. And, before the booking could be confirmed, there were a few other things that needed to be done. You, your visitors, and your crew will have frequent encounters, and with vacation rental software, you can keep one step ahead of what needs to happen next.


How does our Vacation Rental Software Fit your Needs?


No matter whether you’re managing or owning one or multiple properties, our award-winning vacation rental management software will maximize your revenue, optimize your occupancy and alleviate the guest experience you provide. Simply because you deserve the best vacation rental software that precisely works in expanding your business.


Yield maximization


  • You can drive 2X more revenue by configuring pricing as per your occupancy slabs in this vacation rental management system. In this way, you can have a consistent profit in high as well as low seasons.


Reach the right guests from the right channels


  • Get the right audience by listing your property on the best vacation rental portals like Airbnb, Wimdu, FlipKey, and so on. Your rates and inventory distribution are handled well by the best vacation rental channel manager.


Direct bookings at your doorstep


  • Increase your revenue with unlimited direct bookings. Get vacation rental booking software that converts your website’s visitors to bookers. Besides, you can personalize it as per your website and brand.


Your 24-hour check-ins handled


  • The vacation rental property management software lets you manage your 24-hour check-in and check-out while syncing them with your housekeeping without disturbing any of your other operations.


Self-check-in for your guests


  • Provide a personalized experience to your guests. Let them do self-check-in, check their bills, and request extra amenities from their mobile via the guest self-service portal. And the best part is, you can manage their requests directly from the vacation rental booking engine.


Mobile app to manage your business


  • Deal with all your properties on the go with a handy mobile app. This online vacation rental software brings A-Z operations to your fingertips. Above all, simply give a text or voice command to the digital assistant, and it will provide you with the requirements.


Vacation Rental Management Software Development Services We Provide:


Rental Property Management Software


The online rental property management application module lets you manage and track various properties, categorize them on their types, locations, etc., and then organize all their crucial documents in a centralized location. The software thus becomes a central hub to manage all your properties and their documents hassle-free.

  • Integration with syndication sites

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Cloud-based services

  • Rental website design


Timeshare Management Software


Accept reservations, book them, and manage all your private clubs, destination boutique resorts, and other fractional properties and seamlessly access data like bills paid by the third-party company, etc., all in one place. The software will help you manage sales, marketing, and commission calculations to improve accuracy and efficiency.

  • Property owner module development

  • Online reservation services

  • Digital payment systems

  • Digital marketing automation


Airbnb Integration Services


Experience the power of Airbnb API integration services to your custom-built vacation rental software. With smart features, get access to its secured and controlled billing and booking systems that will simplify acquisitions for you and then eventually help you audit all your booking-related documents with Airbnb-level standards.

  • Security and surveillance system

  • Booking and billing system

  • API integration services

  • Mobile app development


Vacation Rental Management Software


Leverage powerful and flexible online rental management services to outgrow your competitors and enhance your brand with robust features like real-time channel management, accounting, etc. The software can also be used to streamline the flow of funds, taxation, and management of other security and maintenance-related charges.

  • Vacation rental website design

  • Accommodation booking software

  • Business intelligence modules

  • Marketing management services


Guest Management Software


Elevate customer relations to reduce your acquisition costs and increase revenue per guest through the custom management module that streamlines concierge services, housekeeping, events management, and more. The dedicated software for guest management will help you ensure ideal customer experiences for improved repeat business and great reviews.

  • Guests data management

  • AI-based personalization

  • Events scheduling

  • Complimentary inventory management


Key Features of Vacation Rental Software


Grow your vacation rental business by implementing these robust features into your software


Marketing Automation


  • With all your guests and vacation rental information in one place, you can automate your marketing campaigns on the sites with the most traffic. 


Channel Manager


  • It enables you to efficiently synchronize all the bookings from various external sources and update the listings everywhere automatically. 


Reservation Management


  • Seamlessly accept, edit, and manage all your reservations on a real-time basis and automate the confirmation messages and process initiation to save time. 


Live Chat


  • Enable your guests and hosts to chat with one another on the same platform to simplify query redressal, rental preferences, and price negotiations and stay in the loop. 


Ratings & Reviews


  • Users can share their feedback about hosts, guests, properties, and their entire experience to help other users and admin to make better decisions. 


User Management


  • The tool offers you complete control over all your different users including guests, agents, salespeople, and registered hosts to enhance management. 




  • An accurate and scalable accounting system with your vacation rental booking software will enable you to handle your property expenses efficiently. 


Powerful Integrations


  • Integrate operations like payment processing, commission calculation, accounting, and channel management for improved efficiency.


Things to Consider When Choosing Software for a Vacation Rental Business


The choice of vacation rental software greatly depends on your business type, size, and growth plans. From all of the above, you can see that different solutions offer a different stack of functional modules required for property management tasks. While the decision and the path leading to it are individual, below you will find a few tips aimed at facilitating the selection process.


Plan on the feature scope in advance


When you step onto the road of picking software, the first thing to keep in mind is that the system has just enough functionality in place — no more and no less. In simple words, if you rent out only a couple of properties, there’s no need to purchase a complex solution fully loaded with all possible modules. It’s highly likely that you won’t use all the features and will end up overspending.


Ensure that your software has required integrations


Most vacation rental property management systems have built-in integrations to the most popular booking listings and rental websites like Booking.com, Vrbo, and Airbnb. But these platforms may not be the only ones you’re planning to use. So, it is a good idea to make an exhaustive list of all websites that carry value for your vacation rental business and check if there are integrations to these resources.


Join the mobile-friendly site


What device do you use when searching for something on the Internet? Bet it’s your smartphone. The truth is, nearly 60 percent of all search volume belongs to the mobile share. There’s a decent chance that your potential renters also use their smartphones to find a suitable rental for their vacation. So, you need to ensure that your software is mobile-friendly to get the most out of it.


Test the waters


While it may be self-evident, you should always ask for a demo before actually buying a software solution. These days, most providers offer free 7-day or 14-day trials so that customers can see the functional side in action.


Consider the size of the properties you manage


They say it’s not that size that matters but the way you can cope with what you have. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case with the short-term rental business.


Be aware of the pricing


As shown above, PMSs provide different pricing options. And the one that is suitable for small businesses can be unprofitable for a bigger one. The money criterion should be taken into account when choosing vacation rental software. In many cases, a flat rate is more affordable for larger companies while smaller rental owners may be better off paying a commission-based rate.


Why Choose BookingXML's Vacation Rental Software Development?




BookingXMl provides fully responsive and user-friendly web-based as well as Mobile Application tour operator software that will avoid office and system dependency. We also provide White label Tour package system which includes complete package management. Admin can add categories, sub-categories, and packages. 

Package Itinerary, Flight details, accommodation details, transfer details, images, activities or sightseeing included in the packages, etc can be added for every package through Package Management. Any package can be activated or deactivated at any time by the admin.

Using modern cloud technology, BookingXML simply takes your flight management to the next level. An all-in-one centralized operations tool that keeps track of everything from bookings to maintenance. Available from any device, BookingXML gives you a digitalized, easy-to-use online platform that is convenient for both your staff and customers.

Our one-stop online hotel booking software solution manages all your hotel-booking-related inventory efficiently. Through our hotel booking system, you can browse the huge hotel inventories in one place, book a room, cancel a room, generate a booking report or generate a cancellation report, all in just a few clicks.

BookingXML is a leading custom travel software development company having core expertise in designing and building travel & hospitality software development services. Our development team is proficient in developing the APIs to keep human intervention at a minimum and thereby enhance operational efficiency to a great extent. 

BookingXML provides travel software solutions and digital experiences to travel industries by providing robust web, mobility, and travel software solutions that help digital travel companies automate personalization, streamline operations and drive conversions. Our years of industry experience allow us to dynamically respond to changes in the market or proactively out-execute the competitors.


Here are five benefits of using vacation rental software to manage your business.


1. Manage All Your Vacation Rental Properties At Once


  • Vacation rental software offers a centralized property management system to manage everything from one place. This means that your calendars, messages, rates, bookings, and payments can all be accessed from a single platform instead of juggling multiple at once. As a result, the hours previously spent on repetitive tasks can now be used for other important jobs. 

  • With the vacation rental industry being as competitive as it is, having an all-in-one and easy-to-use software will allow your business to grow exponentially. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, these platforms are designed and prepared to be used by all levels of expertise.


2. Increase Vacation Rental Direct Bookings


  • Creating a vacation rental website with an integrated booking engine will allow you to receive direct bookings. This means that you won’t have to pay any commissions to third-party platforms, like OTAs. Explore user-friendly tools and templates to build a professional yet personalized website. Expand your target audience and attract guests from all over the world by using a website builder that allows you to display your site in many different languages. 

  • The benefits of having a bookable vacation rental website are endless. Not only can you earn credibility and have ownership of your business, but you can also ensure a secure booking system for your guests. All these features will help you increase bookings and boost the reputation of your vacation rental property. 


3. Sync Calendar between Vacation Rental Channels


  • The use of a channel manager will allow you to connect all your listings from external channels like Airbnb and Booking. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours manually putting in details from one OTA to the next. A vacation rental channel manager allows you to sync your calendars and bookings from different platforms in real time, constantly updating your availability and allowing you to stay on top of cancellations and reservations. 

  • Without the use of software, many people struggle with overbookings due to human error. Investing in tools that automate and simplify the process will cancel out the risk of overlapping reservations. 


4. Process Payments Easily


  • A vacation rental software will allow your website to support multiple currencies while operating in many countries. To take it a step further, by using SSL encryption, you can ensure that all payments and exchanges of information are safe. Many potential guests are wary of scams so this will increase customer trust. Not only will your customers benefit from this, but you will also receive automatic statements and have access to accounting tools.


5. Improve Vacation Rental Guest Experience


  • Last but not least, we all know that this industry is driven by the guest experience. Regardless of whether you have several guests at once in different properties, every one of them needs to be treated as a priority. This can be extremely difficult to manage all at once unless you’ve got vacation rental software that offers tools to create automated messages. 

  • Automated emails and texts will allow you to communicate with your guests from before their arrival to long after their departure. By doing so, you will create a 5-star experience that will eventually result in good reviews or even returning guests. Not only will this improve your customer service, but it will also save you the time and effort that goes into back-and-forth messaging. 

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