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In an increasingly competitive market, we help travel agencies address complex business challenges by combining industry expertise that ensures they are well-positioned to shape the future of travel.

BookingXML offers transfer services in over 20000+ cities and resorts and in 100+ countries offering customers an unrivaled choice throughout the world. Our transfer booking engine specifically designs to help agents sell travel in the most efficient way possible. You can tailor the platform to match the business ' exact needs, ensuring that every consumer touchpoint optimizes sales.


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Our technology stack is capable of achieving your business goals, solving your greatest business challenges and bringing your digital presence to life.
  • BookingxmlAbility to set up inventory with rates, availability, policies and other details in the transfer inventory management system
  • BookingxmlAbility to show promotions and advertisements in search results
  • BookingxmlAutomatic voucher generation with your own branding
  • BookingxmlAbility to add transfers to wishlist and favorites
  • BookingxmlExtensive booking reports for decision making and accounting reconciliation

Optimize Performance At Every Level Of Your Business

Incorporate transfer services from world-renowned brands into your product offering and boost your credibility among business travelers.

  • BookingxmlUser-friendly interface for centralized customer and booking management
  • BookingxmlAuto cancelation of unconfirmed bookings before the cancelation period starts
  • BookingxmlSeparate markups and commission set up for B2C and B2B
  • BookingxmlSupports multiple languages with real-time currency conversion
  • BookingxmlAbility to display the transfer description, images, terms, and conditions

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Combine your industry knowledge with our market-leading software to add a whole new dimension to your product portfolio.
Our approach produces high-quality, customer-focused and cost-effective solutions.

BookingXML understands the different requirements of its customers and successfully developed a one-stop solution– a comprehensive and easy-to-access transfer booking engine. Our travel booking system helps transfer agents and their sub-agents to reserve vehicles for their passenger's transfer to their respective destinations. Bookings can be paid through multiple online payment gateways, as our system is compatible with most payment gateways, websites and content management systems. You can book transfers at all major and international airports as we work with a number of global transfer service aggregators.Our dynamic mark-up management tool can help you increase the profit margins of transfers. Your customers will be able to choose shared or private transfers and the type of vehicle.

User-friendly transfer details, such as departure city, date, destination, date of return and type of travel, help to sort out customer travel itineraries and provide them with options for either shared or private transfers and types of vehicles. The same software will help your business to manage and increase the profit margins of transfers. BookingXML transfer booking engine can be easily custom configured to your business.

We provide you great cross-sell opportunities by allowing your clients to book transfers along with, hotels and other products you have in your inventory. By reducing the operating costs to maintain the company's reputation, plays an important role in influencing your travel business. Adding a transfer booking system will not only improve the content and user experience but will also help you generate additional income from the services that are usually booked elsewhere. Transfer booking solutions are becoming increasingly popular with online travel booking websites, as this tool goes hand in hand with the hotel booking engines widely used in the industry. BookingXML also provides you the option to manage your own inventory of transfer suppliers in selected destination regions. In offering your customers a complete set of travel services in the future you will boost brand loyalty and are less likely to lose a customer to your competitors. BookingXML develops best transfer booking engine by collaborates only with reliable suppliers, which specializes in transfers, and constantly works on improving the quality of our service.

BookingXML Transfer booking system allows you to set up your transfer system so that when your clients’ book online they will know where they will be picked up and at what time. From nearby hotels, you can add maps and routes. Within the confirmation email, your customers can see a link to the map wherever they can see the pick-up point, their hotel and the route to the pick-up point. BookingXML white-label model allows you to integrate a ground transfer service module into your booking website using your own logo and corporate design. This model allows you to host a transfer booking system on your website to book a transfer online as an additional service. The search and booking of transfers are done without leaving the domain of the travel company. Transfer booking system not only improves the user experience but will also help you to benefit from additional services. By providing all travel services products, you will increase customer loyalty in the future and gain more customers from your competitors. We are your reliable partner for everyday travel companies. Our transfer solutions support B2B, B2C for travel companies.

BookingXML Transfer Booking Engine is a point-to-point transfer booking system solution designed to provide airport shuttle operators and transfer companies with the right tools to handle customer inquiries. Our transfer booking engine provides travel companies the ability to let their B2C, B2B and corporate client book point-to-point transfers online with live availability and instant confirmation. We provide customers and travel partners worldwide with simple and cost-effective transfer solutions. We offer a solution based on your requirements that would best fit your business. Transfer reservation engine is easily accessible by the travel and tourism industry. This booking engine helps the client to book vacation packages, hotels, and activities services online. Transfers are a vital part of the tourism industry. We are an expert in building a strong customer-friendly transfer reservation system. BookingXML provides a comprehensive range of international business and holiday travel, from airports and resorts via taxi, minibus, coach, etc. In fact, transfers are now available in over 20000+ cities and resorts and in 100+ countries offering consumers an unrivaled option across the world. Customers using our transfer booking solution are able to pre-book their transportation services from airport to their chosen destination accommodations.

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