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Transform your travel agency to modern OTA Solutions and empower it with automated software that allows your agents to spend less time on paperwork and scheduling will keep your business prosperous in future years.

Meet the demands of a more informed, tech-savvy customer base with unrivalled travel agent booking platform, helping you unlock new market opportunities, safeguard competitive positioning and maximize revenue. It also helps travelers to customize and personalize their experiences on their preferences.


Simplify Travel Business and Achieve Your Goals

With the travel agent booking software, you will bring immense growth to your business. Travel Agent Booking Platform is a win-win situation for both travelers and agents. Here’s why.

  • BookingxmlIt offers user-friendly, easy to use, multilingual portals which allows you to update the website frequently without technical assistance.
  • BookingxmlIt provides multi-supplier connectivity at one place to travel agents, with all the major GDS systems.
  • BookingxmlIt offers the real-time inventory management system (pricing and availability); it helps travel agents to manage the inventory of hotels, car rentals, transfers and tours.
  • BookingxmlIt helps travel agencies manage agent markups, margins, credit limits, commissions and other business rules.

Managing Your Agency On A Single Interface

With our travel agent booking platform, not only do you save money but also get benefits that only a digital system can give you: speed, accuracy & automate.

  • BookingxmlTravel agent booking engine help you in target marketing, as a result, travel agent can target demography of customer based on gender, age or choices.
  • BookingxmlThese acts as a great marketing tool for travel companies focusing on current and potential customers.
  • BookingxmlGet all the essential information about travel, booking details, fare details, customer details, user experience and reduces the workload, since the process is automated.
  • BookingxmlReduced paperwork and simplified transactions, use of travel applications help in simplify transactions and save time.

Hassle-Free Business Travel With Digital Travel Booking Solutions

Travel Booking Engines help travel organizations upgrade both their back-office and client facing responsibilities to streamline their business processes, optimize revenue streams and improve their client service experience.

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