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Designing a website for optimal user experience (UX) is essential to any business - after all, an effortless user experience clears the path to conversion. But the hospitality industry has taken a more specific turn in the digital era - a hotel website is now the place where the guest experience actually begins.

The hotel industry has a significant online presence given that it’s turning into a critical sales channel. However, all hotel portals try nearly the same chances of getting travelers to book on their websites, meaning that the competition is cutthroat. The only way to stand out is through differentiation and service. In this sense, using technology in favor of the user experience (UX) will play a critical role in the industry, especially for hotels, in our upcoming report on the future and trends in the tourism industry.


Enhance Your UX For More efficient Hotel Booking Engine

Since travelers have moved online to find hotels, bringing all their consumer expectations and experiences with them, many OTAS are seeking guidance and answers in order to stay competitive and garner a greater number of direct bookings. Our team has gathered over the years that are proven to positively impact a hotel’s booking performance – almost all have to do with enhancing the user experience.

  • BookingxmlShowcase all products in high-quality photos that will also look inviting in full-width desktop view
  • BookingxmlKeep in mind that you want your booking engine to drive conversion. so, publish inspirational content suitable for your overall brand
  • BookingxmlWhen it comes to your brand identity, make everything match. Each element of your visual brand should be cohesive and tie together effortlessly and immediately tell online visitors they arrived at the right website
  • BookingxmlMessages that provide real-time stats on how many people are looking at this hotel or number of rooms left can help persuade travelers to book rather than wait
  • BookingxmlCustom content areas near the header and the footer provide additional ways to promote your brand, special offers, and loyalty benefits

Harness UX To Keep Users Booking On Your Website

User experience (UX) design of a Travel website has a huge impact on how easy it is for you to book, and consequently, how likely it is to attract subsequent business. Our UX design helps take your website to the next level, ensuring customer engagement is optimised at every touch-point. It starts with an in-depth discovery phase, following which our team will build your new website with user experience in front of mind, delivering significant increases in conversion rates and ROI.

  • BookingxmlLarge, visually stunning images
  • BookingxmlA simple way to make a booking, or check availability
  • BookingxmlImportant contact details, which easily stand out
  • BookingxmlA clear indication of the location of the hotel (especially for chains )
  • BookingxmlSpecials, promotions and discounts displayed clearly
  • BookingxmlOptimize your payment form
  • BookingxmlIncrease large, high-resolution photographs and avoid cluttered text
  • BookingxmlInclude unique but precise typography
  • BookingxmlOptimize for mobile

Ready To Drive More Bookings with User-Friendly Travel Website UX

Hotel website is the best tool you have to increase bookings. And you don’t have to be a huge OTA to build a great site.

Building A Better User Experience For Hotel Booking

Easy Navigation

Mobile Responsiveness

Loading Speed

High-Resolution Images

Higher Booking Rates And Global Inventory

Effectively Reach Today’s Tech-Savvy Travelers And Grow Your Hotel Bookings.

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