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For more than a decade, we have been providing next-generation travel IT solutions and most powerful tool not only help transform business for today, but also future-proof the businesses to achieve our clients' vision for tomorrow.

BookingXML develops smart, ancillary solution gives your online customers easy access to an expansive range of car providers and, with the help of our team of car rental experts, it helps to guarantee that we can find a convenient car rental option perfectly suited to your customers’ needs. We take care of the technology, allowing agencies to run their business in the best way possible.


Extend Your Reach Across The Globe

With the access real-time rates and availability for car rental services in more than 50,000 locations globally, it will be easy for your company to meet customer demand and consequently grow additional revenue streams.

  • BookingxmlCreate offers and invoices with only a few clicks
  • BookingxmlSave all data in one place so you won’t need to use other storage software
  • BookingxmlTrack the quality, distribution and maintenance of rental products
  • BookingxmlConnect your business travel clients with the choice of providers they desire
  • BookingxmlInstant reservation confirmation with single-click quoting for your entire fleet

Win The Competition In The Travel Market

We allow you to implement a design that perfectly matches your brand vision and harness technology that supports the way your business works best helps to differentiate and grow your business in a competitive market.

  • BookingxmlRich multimedia content that adds depth to your product offering
  • BookingxmlUser-friendly platform that helps with providing excellent customer service
  • BookingxmlEnjoy an easy-to-use, intuitive system to search and book car rentals for maximized productivity
  • BookingxmlReal-time availability with consistent levels of accuracy and customer satisfaction

Next Generation Solution Engineered For Your Growth

Our system is centered around enabling an efficient, functional workflow that’s compatible with your
business’s current approach.

BookingXML provides a bespoke car booking engine for online travel agencies and car rental companies as per their requirement, which can best solve their business purpose. Both your car rental company and your website can now run seamlessly, accept online reservations and handle your entire fleet from the single control panel. Through providing a highly personalized booking system and software, your customers can get exact quotes and see the availability of vehicles and book online with just a few clicks from your website. Our car booking engine is user-friendly fast and easy to use and structured to the specific needs for independent car rental agencies at affordable prices.

As needs change, agencies are guaranteed continuous support, improvements, and upgrades. Destination management companies and OTAs can offer option of booking car online through their online travel portal. Your customers can book 24/7 from anywhere in the world because your fully automated car rental system can receive and processes the reservations automatically. Providing your customers with a completely easy way of booking a car is a great policy for growing your revenue as well as popularity. Our car solution providing access to reliable, real-time car rental information with a dynamic booking engine, enabling instantaneous reservations.

BookingXML builds web-based On-Demand car booking engine solutions that include all the features and operations that are required to run a car rental business. It’s suitable for businesses having small as well as large fleet sizes. We provide you with a ready-made solution that offers you with unmatched infrastructure for your car rental business. Moreover, it minimizes your efforts in manual dispatching the vehicles. Our car rental software comes with precise instructions that are easy to understand. Our prime motto is to provide a cost-effective solution for your car rental business. Our smart, ancillary solution that gives you the ability to meet online customer demand for car rental services. You can easily handpick rental options from a wide range of providers, allowing you to make life easy for your customers and benefit from profitable cross-sell opportunities in the process. It also gives you the advantage of complete control and ultimate flexibility. We simplify the booking process so that you can be easily compared and booked cars from multiple providers. Our solution gives your online customers easy access to an expansive range of car providers and, with the help of our expert's team, it helps to guarantee that we can find a convenient car rental option perfectly suited to your customers’ needs.

This involves many different aspects which can lead to great difficulty without the proper management tools. At BookingXML, we developed management solutions that can help you in areas of Customer Service, Fleet management, employee performance, distribution partners, online reservations, GPS tracking and accounting and financial reporting. With this, our software keeps every aspect of your business connected and under control. We help the world's largest rental car agencies raise revenues, engage with customers, improve operations efficiency and streamline business processes by leveraging our expertise in technology and consulting system integration, and business models. Our priority at BookingXML is to simplify car rental operation for you and make it an overall more enjoyable experience. We provide a user-friendly, cost-effective system that can be accessed online from wherever you go. Our system combines and delivers fluid management of your technology, customer service and business processes. Your customers can choose the package tour they want and choose the car of their choice. Apart from on-demand car booking engine, we also develop web-based integrated reservation and management system for independent car rental agencies.

BookingXML has successfully implemented state-of-the-art technology for its clients in the rental, leasing and fleet industries for over a decade. Our car rental solution for OTAs also includes car rental website development. Our highly customized car rental solution is a fully functional web application designed for car rental business owners to effectively run their car rental business. With our car rental solution, agencies can provide online car rental reservations to their customers. Travel agencies can provide B2C booking options with an hourly rate, daily rate, one way and multi-city booking option. With automated payment and invoice sending facility, customers can book cars online from your website. We provide customized Car Rental Solution for travel agencies as per their exact specification and requirement, which speaks the quality. Our personalized car rental solution for online travel agencies is easy to use and includes all features of your choice for the efficient and seamless operation of your car rental company. This car rental software offers a simplified efficient management process, as this software enables customers to know about booking status and offer guest satisfaction. Manage all aspects of your business from Dashboards based on the cloud. Keep track of current and upcoming rentals, control user settings and evaluate the customers ' behaviors in real-time.

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