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BookingXML understands the travel market needs in diverse geographies and is uniquely equipped to deliver the best in class products with the shortest possible time to market.

We help you optimize cost structures further through the value added by BookingXML lower-cost technology stack, which we integrate with distribution (OTA and GDS), booking and POS solutions. We provide highly competitive net rates on an inventory of over 600,000+ hotels, 25000+ transfers and 200,000+ activities worldwide. More than 1000+ happy clients all over the world rely on BookingXML complete travel software solutions.


Your Business Go the Extra Mile with BookingXML

Take advantage of industry-leading technology and solutions built to help you maximize revenue. Capitalize on new growth opportunities, expand your business into a new market with BookingXML.

  • BookingxmlAccess it 24/7, anywhere on any devices or desktop
  • BookingxmlGet full inventory control with our cutting edge B2B travel Agent Software
  • BookingxmlEasy channel management and report generation with an interactive b2b dashboard
  • BookingxmlTravel agents can check status as per the geographical locations, booking availability
  • BookingxmlAdd more touch points, more bookings and more loyal users

Unlock The Power Of Your Brand

We evaluate your business needs and present you with optimum tailor-made solutions that will help you to streamline your business, discover new sales opportunities, build brand awareness.

  • BookingxmlIt helps travel agencies to obtain a detailed level of reporting required for growing travel management for billing, reporting and settlement purposes
  • BookingxmlIt handles modifications, discounts, payment policies blackout dates promotions and stays restrictions
  • BookingxmlAdds travel packages with documents, descriptions, videos, maps and pictures
  • BookingxmlIt easily sells a travel product, uploads various kinds of inventory unit-based pricing, occupancy-based pricing etc.

On-Demand Solution To Digitally Transform Your Agency

Our solutions leverage deep domain experience, business and industry insights, and best practices to deliver business outcomes that matter to our clients – with speed, efficiency and dependability.

Your online travel agency needs to provide a personalized experience to customers- we understand that. That’s why BookingXML built the technology that will allow your OTA drive personalization, increase conversion, and tap into new markets. We will work with your team to provide solutions tailored to your business objectives — transforming your OTA into a partner that your customers will rely on at every step of their journey. We design and develop B2B Travel Agent Software which brings value to the global travel companies by providing complete travel portal development solutions such as Design, Development, XML & API. We provide b2b travel booking engines that are fully loaded and empower businesses to deliver services beyond the expectations of users.

Our B2B travel booking engine is a complete solution for powering online travel agency. The aim of travel agencies is always to increase their profits and enhance customer service. Our B2B travel agency software is very helpful to travel agencies. It's a cost-effective, quick and accurate online booking engine. The advantage of this OTA Solution is to get instant service purchases, aut email confirmation, and availability check. BookingXML design flexible layouts that can be easily translated across multiple platforms, devices and screen resolutions.

BookingXML offers advanced online travel agent software solutions for all type of travel agent with an affordable budget. We design and develop perfect business-oriented solutions for our customers .The system displays: current bookings, credit limits for agents, cancellations, booking splitting, refund, etc. to name few . Long-term experience in travel domain has given us a deep insight into the requirements of the travel industry and revolutionized the way our clients work. Our team of highly dedicated professionals and a portfolio of clients in more than 50+ countries around the world substantiate our ability to build a robust and feature-rich travel agent software that plays an important role in your growth. Establish your own online travel portal to capture bookings that occur outside working hours. Create separate logins with special mark-ups for corporate clients to ensure the best customers get the best rates. Manage the network of sub-agents with individual sub-agent logins. Simplify your day-to-day business operations and increase customer efficiency. Our innovative technology allows you to connect multiple business systems into one for systematized business operations, minimized mistakes, improved accuracy and effortless business flow.

BookingXML specialized in Travel technology serving huge customers with our travel agency software. Our renowned travel agency software is encrypted with state-of-the-art technology that is evergreen and static with the changing trends and we use agile and more conventional technologies to check hard core applications for the company such as functional testing at all stages of the software development life-cycle. BookingXML with its advancements and enrichments paved the way into the global market with multiple currencies, multiple payment gateway integrations, multiple languages, etc. With a high-end security layer, we assure you with extra care for all your transactions. Our travel agency software is amalgamated with the best providers of global inventory in hotel, transfer and activities, with ease and experience. We have a bundle of packages to suit the travel booking agencies based on their interests and budget. Our trustworthy travel agent software ensures highly reliable in terms of performance as well as security. While using our product and services in your travel agency business, you can increase your sales and increase more customers and agent sales through our travel agency software.

BookingXML constantly working on integrating the latest technologies and updates and devising new ways to ensure you are always ahead of the market when you use our product. Rest assured, you will always have to rely on a simple and secure travel agency software. We provide travel reservation system software for agents and agencies, travel portals, consolidators, destination management companies. Our travel agency booking platform offers you several customizable features to run your mid- or large-size travel agency business. Our software empowers agencies to make instant bookings using our simple interface. We offer you a bouquet of customizable features that are personalized to meet your business's requirements. For credit allocations, agents and sub-agents can use a payment portal or credit facility to book, select rooms and even pay instantly. Operational efficiency provides more flexibility for your agents to deal with a number of customers, without the uncertainty that can be involved in offline operations. Benefit from the lowest possible rates through our integration with global and large-scale local suppliers around the world. Post your own inventory to your distribution system with a customizable mark-up, and broaden your reach across global markets.

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