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For over a decade, we have been providing Global Inventory for some of the world's leading online travel agencies. Our suite of APIs allows you to establish your own travel website or mobile app with instant access to worldwide Inventory around the world.

Create even more efficiency with deeper integration with our API. Our technical and domain experience in inventory management systems significantly decreases your operating costs. Our Travel APIs connect you to the richest content in the travel industry. Our travel APIs are highly scalable, allowing you to dynamically package other API services such as Transfers, Sightseeing, Car Rental , Cruise and more. Our suite of APIs enables developers to seamlessly integrate powerful solutions that deliver valuable insights.


Drive Global Rich Travel API Content

Instant access to rich travel inventory and competitive rates via a simple and fast API. Use the collection of details to create new applications and make a booking quickly and securely.

  • BookingxmlOur travel API allows you to add live pricing and booking functionality, eliminating the need to deal with multiple supplier integrations
  • BookingxmlMore than 600,000 unique properties across the world, enabling you to provide a wide choice of hotels to your customer
  • BookingxmlDirect Contracts with complete range of travel products to serve your Global Customers and outsmart your competition
  • Bookingxml50000+ locations in over 100 countries around the globe allow you to enjoy all the benefits of renting the cars no matter where your customers are located
  • BookingxmlWide range of sightseeing tours, theme parks, theatre shows, experience days and other activities in over 200,000+ Locations worldwide

RESTful API with Enriched Potential

RESTful API’s offers a better, quick and faster way for manipulating the data from the other web services and for sharing the data across the web.

  • BookingxmlRESTful APIs have different layers of their architecture working together to build a hierarchy that helps create a more scalable and modular application
  • BookingxmlRESTful API provides a great deal of flexibility that allows developers to build an API that meets your needs while also meeting the needs of very diverse customers
  • BookingxmlAPI can increase request overhead by handling large loads of incoming and outbound calls, a RESTful API should be designed to boost the storage of cacheable data
  • BookingxmlWe provide in-depth support in Travel API XML / Rest API integration that is integrated with various service providers around the worldwide travel market

Trust Our Powerful Solutions to Fit the Needs of Your Organization.

Our Global Travel API platform offers an extensive array of travel business opportunities and tools that enable the world’s travel technology talent to partner with you and set up new solutions for the world of travel commerce.

BookingXML provides seamless integration with all the XML API. We provide real-time fares and availabilities for hotels and other travel-related products to travel agents. It is connected with hotel and other supplier systems in the back-end and manages the distribution of inventory for these providers globally. We provide a unified XML API Interface wherein you can manage your entire third-party supplier inventory from a single window, rather than logging into multiple systems and shuffling through various suppliers to access live fares. This reduces your effort and helps you concentrate on selling more.

BookingXML is the most advanced unified API platform which reduces integration time with access to inventory globally from a wide variety of suppliers across all products including wholesalers, directly connects, aggregators, channel managers, and more. All the content at your fingertips in a common unified format with a completely customizable business rules engine giving you complete control on products and distribution. Our Travel APIs directly connect you to all the data you need to build an innovative website or app. Your customers will be able to take advantage of the best deals on flights, hotels or car hire from wherever they are in the world - either as three independent travel solutions or integrated together.

BookingXML is the trusted travel booking API provider across the globe and offers the best possible solution to boost your business online. We carry valuable travel API solutions for the reservation that support your website with the user-friendly feature. We provide travel portal's, XML API Integration, third-party API integration, online travel booking API for travel companies across the globe. We offer Travel Booking API which creates multiple travel search options to your customers. Extend your customers' choices to a hotel, car rental XML API booking and many more to access to external content with our XML API integration. By combining our travel API with your software solution, you as a travel service provider may offer outstanding travel related services to your potential guests. Apart from Travel API services, we also offer various API integration services including hotel booking, car hiring systems, holiday packages etc. Our travel APIs & reservation engine serves as a single point of access to various resources, across all product categories, and increase the huge time and cost savings to travel companies looking to establish their applications. Our comprehensive system is web-based and is designed for all those travel agencies who want to develop their own travel products rather than using the tailor-made ones. Our API is simple and user-friendly which connects online to mammoth numbers of hotel properties, car rental companies, etc.

BookingXML offers travel API XML integration combined with world class team and support. We provide profound support in travel API XML integration consolidated with different service providers all around the global travel market. Also, through our exceptional support as an XML API provider, we assist in deploying XML capabilities on the travel portal. Our travel API integration with your technology solutions allows for enormous sales and huge profit. The number of bookings and other travel-related services gets increased ultimately. Beside travel API, we are adept in providing API integration services for complete travel products including Cruise, Transfers , Activities etc. Our team of API developers are specialist in the travel domain and we have integrated multiple APIs from different GDS and suppliers Globally . Our travel APIs enable online travel agencies or booking agents access to global travel content like hotel information, images, room details, rates, from various suppliers. We provide you the best in class quality of solutions in a budget that is unbeatable in the industry. Our Travel API solutions enable you to utilize our vast integrations and create custom applications that link with your travel portal, allowing you to add features for enhancing your business processes. We help several travel agencies and companies set up great platforms with our travel API solutions for selling different services and products online and increasing business.

BookingXML Hotel API is our standardized XML interface solution for travel agencies, which provides a simple and easy set of XML request and response, after integrating travel API from us you can search any of travel products, make a booking , retrieve information of existing bookings, create and retrieve customers, fetch hotel content, collect payment from customers etc. Our travel API can empower you to add live pricing and booking functionality with multiple supplier integrations. By integration of Travel API with your travel website, you can allow customers to search for availability, retrieve your content and descriptions and make bookings with easy process. Our Travel API assist you to start your travel services where you can meet the customer's travel needs and earn profits at the same time. We help you to create a website for your services, that will further help the people to connect with you. These services will add every single feature and information that will enhance your services to the most extent. With our services, you can contribute your part in making travel a lot easier and also improve the digital world.

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