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For more than a generation, we've been transforming the online hotel bookings by combining industry expertise, software engineering best practices and an agile delivery model.

With recent transformations in the travel industry, the highly personalized client service from the traditional travel agent has almost completely been replaced by online customer self-service. We help travel agencies innovate and run their businesses and fulfill brand promise by creating a versatile travel solution that's constantly optimized. In partnership with 200+ leading global suppliers and 35000+ Direct Contracts to give you real-time access to over 600,000 hotels and to ensure that you cover the globe.


Digital Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth

We bring industry-leading digital travel platform and product portfolio that enables travel businesses to connect with their customers through sophisticated, real-time and personalized services at every touch point across complete travel lifecycle.

  • BookingxmlManage rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available for reservation
  • BookingxmlRates - change rates, increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates
  • BookingxmlShow the confirmed, modified and canceled booking list
  • BookingxmlAdding special offers for your hotel
  • BookingxmlManage policies - payment policies, cancelation policies, tax policies, terms & conditions & property policies

Get The Edge Over Your Competition

Our flourish platform has a comprehensive set of functions designed to help you with full control over Direct Contract / Negotiated hotel Inventory, streamline your operations, grow your revenues and extend your digital reach.

  • BookingxmlWith Hotel Extranet, you can set different mark-ups for the agents associated with your business according to your needs
  • BookingxmlYou can completely personalize your booking system with multiple policies for different rooms and seasons without difficulty
  • BookingxmlRooms can be managed for your convenience, such as normal occupancy, optimal, minimum and more in accordance with several parameters
  • BookingxmlYou can set up auto alerts whenever a booking is verified and confirmed so that you can stay on top of your sales. You can send alerts via e-mails and text messages

Complete Suite Of Travel Inventory Management Solutions
That Grows With Your Enterprise

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging BookingXML’s expertise and technology designed to help differentiate your brand and increase your market position.

Hotel Extranet offers different distribution channels to manage your own inventory from your direct contracts with Hotels. It includes online distribution / complete information for resorts, hotels etc. Hotel Extranet System acts as a single application that enabling travel agents to upload their own contracted hotels ( Nego) and provide them with access to their online system so that they can enter their hotel's description and information regarding room availability, prices, special offers, and restrictions. BookingXML develops hotel extranet system that helps travel agencies manage sales, download and manage pricing tables, booking confirmations and special offers. Travel agents and online hoteliers can easily manage their inventory within the central reservation system or extranet hotels.

Our Extranet System helps you connect the dynamic pricing of hotels, villas, resorts and automatically update it with your sales network without additional effort. It increases profitability, reduces the risk of errors and builds customer loyalty. Apart from this, we help you build and maintain a strong relationship with your potential clients.

BookingXML Hotel extranet system allows you to make further reservations and maximize your contracted Hotels occupancy by allowing you to access your number of allocated rooms until the last minute. At the time of the reservation, consumers are paid via credit card online, allowing a very small cancellation and helping to increase their availability. All of the hotel details can be updated and new pictures can be easily posted using the web-based admin section of our extranet system, which is designed specifically for hoteliers convenience. Our user-friendly extranet admin section makes it quick and easy to manage your reservations online 24/7, registered hoteliers can view the profile for each reservation made via our website and control the bookings through their account in the CRS extranet system. Our Extranet Hotel solution also offers the ability to provide hotel connections where they can manage their own hotel rates directly and the availability can be updated when needed with immediate effect. They can update prices for various seasons as changes take place. Our system allows you to take full control of your own hotel inventory and pricing structures and leverage the powerful sales and distribution channels across your network.

The BookingXML Hotel Extranet System is a powerful tool to upload own direct contracts with properties and sell rooms through B2C, B2B, and XML Out channels. The system supports a multichannel content exchange feature where the inventories can be distributed instantly by existing customers using the same platform. BookingXML is an expert in developing hotel extranet system to secure your travel booking especially hotels. As extranet distribution increases productivity and generates more profits, yet more travel agencies are making it part of their online hotel reservation system. While integrating hotel extranet to your online travel portal, it is flexible and so hoteliers can include various latest offers or updates instantly and it helps scaling-up the margin of your business. It also helps users to manage their sales, upload and manage price charts, confirmation bookings, and special offers. With our extranet, you can secure more reservations and increase the occupancy rate, and help agents and customers make last-minute reservations even during vacation times. In addition, you gain access to incredible expertise in the hotel extranet booking system. As a result, you can leverage the best skills and experience to meet your specific needs in getting a robust solution.

At BookingXML, we understand how important it is to stay ahead of the curve, especially in an industry like travel and tourism. That's why we strive to deliver the best solutions in the shortest possible time. Customers can easily manage their sales, upload and retain price for different seasons, manage the booking confirmation information and add any special offers or multiple offers with the help of our Hotel Extranet System. With our Hotel Extranet, online travel agents and hoteliers can manage their inventories easily. Hotelier can access their inventory and rate management with the extranet hotel and determine whether to increase or decrease room and use the competitive rate for their category of rooms. Through partnering with us, you will ensure you provide your customers with a robust hotel reservation service extranet through an impressive and intuitive interface. Hotel Extranet plays an important role or from this panel, we can find each hotel as the heart of the network that can handle its room inventory, availability, and price that user can see as a search result.

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