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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Car Rental Management System - Drive More Turnover with the Accurate Car Rental System

BookingXML is a cloud-based car rental software designed to automate the management of your fleet especially in a vehicle rental business.




What Is Car Rental Management System?


Car Rental Management System is a system that delivers all the functions required to run the vehicle rental business. A Car rental management system must contain a system that can effectively manage the fleet, minimize the expenses and increase the efficiency of the staff.

The system manages the most essential components of a car rental company through a modular network, which can be adapted to any country or size. It connects management of a fleet, people, and business, to make the operations as capable as possible. 


Why A Car Rental Business Needs Management Software?


In the modern digital world, a maximum of the businesses is happening across the digital platform. Customers gain their products or services through online platforms in a short time. 

The automobile rental business is facing huge competition in the market. Setting a winning strategy to cover the target market with the fleet of rental vehicles is not a simple deal too. 

As the customers of this business type need immediate attention and the best client services, automation of the business is the vital key to existence. Providing extreme performance with optimized workflow in every task from client booking to getting back the vehicle, will work well in this industry. 

Car rental business software will manage the whole operations of the business with effective booking modules, inventory management, customer management, etc. These systems are designed and built for developing the productivity and efficiency of the car rental business. 

This cloud-based system allows the management with better access to business from everywhere; thereby flawless booking management can be done. Car rental business software must focus on managing the fleet, serving the customers, and maximizing profits. Car rental software is necessary to keep track of the vehicles. Track of vehicles and the cost incurred for maintaining the vehicles are needed. 

This includes not only the cost of buying or selling the vehicles but also the cost of maintenance, insurance, and repairs. A good car rental management system will record all the activities from rental information to repairs. Automatic reminders are scheduled for vehicle maintenance. 

The software should be easy to use for the customer to make online bookings. It is not sufficient if the only low rental price is offered the customer should have a good experience including customer support. The customer must be able to find out what cars are available, get a quote, reserve the vehicle, put the contract in place, arrange for pickup, deliver secure payments and collect feedbacks.

The software must also perform the following functions, interacting with your accounting system, scheduling and keeping track of insurance claims, billing and invoicing, tracking employee activity, handling customer support.


Main Functions Of Car Rental Business Software:


  • Manage the bookings, car leasing, airport transfers, and each rental business

  • Managing digital proof of vehicle documents, rental agreement, and more

  • Keep track of your fleet, drivers, and associated assets

  • Automate dispatching and stay updated with real-time tracking

  • Giving better customer relationship management

  • Sending auto-reminders and updates to customers

  • Managing repair and maintenance of cars

  • Recording customer databases

  • Work in integration with third-party systems extra added benefits accounts, payment gateways

  • Communicating with garages and workshops


How Car Rental Management Software Helps Your Business?




In recent days, the car rental industry has been booming rapidly. That is due to the requirements and comfort that are provided to the users. The Car Rental industry is the leading and used by most of the customers worldwide. 

There are lots of car rental providers in the market and it indicates that there is tough competition as well. The management of the car rental business needed skills, experience, and good management tools.

A car rental management system can guide a rental operator in managing vehicles, their data, online bookings, reservations, and many more. Here are some more reasons why a car rental business requires management software.


Convenient To Use:


The software helps a lot in business management and offers a convenient service in booking cars for rental. Detailed listing and seamless online booking are the main features of the software for simple usage. Customers can directly view the information about all the cars available for them and the prices. With a lot of advanced car rental software, you can also add some extra added benefits and discounts to your customers.




The car rental software offers only authenticated users. With the integration of secured payment gateways the transaction becomes secure and reliable. As the car rental software is built with powerful multiple modules, so the data will be stored securely. 


Vehicle Management:


Full packed car rental management software includes multiple modules like car management, owner and rider management, seamless booking, detailed listing, earning report, etc. With car rental script it simply connects riders and car owners can control and manage the vehicles, also can find and track the status of the car.  


Data Management:


Maintaining data manually is a delicate task for a car rental operator. By using the car rental software, it is simple to organize all the data regarding vehicles, owners, pricing details, rental details and agreements, invoices, etc.


Billing and Invoicing:


By using car rental management systems like for cars, it is simple for operators to track the record of cash payments, generating online invoices and billing options. As a rental manager, you can manage a track of your cash flow.


Manage Sales:


Car rental software makes it very easy to manage sales. There is no requirement to check your available vehicles and allocated vehicles manually. The software display all the vehicle rented vehicles and park vehicles on a single dashboard. In this way, it is very easy to manage sales and achieve the target.


How To Choose Best Car Rental Management Software?


The right software for a business can have a huge impact on the performance of the business. BookingXML provides car rental software that manages all the activities of the car rental business. 


Best Car Rental Management Software Provider:


BookingXML Car Rental Management Software is a web-based management system built for travel agencies for managing taxi booking, duty slips, invoicing & fleet management.

BookingXML Car Rental Management System is an easy-to-use, online car rental software that is designed to help in the daily tasks and management of rental businesses, with no settling on the software characteristics and quality essential to get vehicle rental business booming in a progressively growing market. 

No matter if you handle 100 taxis, vehicles, or cars or 5000 whatever the number is, BookingXML Car Rental Management software is pocket-friendly for all sizes of rental vehicle businesses operating online and offline and will help balance simply to all of your necessities. 

As a complete car rental reservation system, BookingXML Rental Car Software will be able to assist your auto rental business with instant and continuing advantages, getting a better return on investment and cost efficiency in every facet of the travel business.

Online Car Rental Reservation System by BookingXML is a low-cost management solution for vehicle rental operators and travel agencies. Our Car reservation software comes with no cost set up and instant access to the system will let you watch your maintenance costs decline from day one.  

BookingXML Rental Business Software has several features for example fleet management, Manage Advance Booking, Generate Duty Slip, Daily & Monthly Billing, Driver Duty Management, Transporter TRC, Tariff Management, Ticketing Management, Accounts Management, Auto email & SMS, etc.


Why Choose BookingXML Car Rental Business Management Software?




BookingXML offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and best car rental software on the internet. BookingXML makes your car rental business management well organized, productive, and united & also makes your auto rental business management totally digital. 

Start & operate your car rental business anytime, anywhere worldwide & with the help of any device using a BookingXML fleet management solution which has been developed by experts who have only worked for the auto rental industry.

In short travel agents will be able to handle all their bookings, their fleet maintenance, and their customers. And with our valuable management dashboards, travel agencies will ultimately be able to observe and maintain their company based on numbers. 


Advantages Of BookingXML Management Software For Your Vehicle Rental Business:


BookingXML Car Rental Management Software has secure windows technologies and is designed for global small-to-large rental businesses. Our software products are being used by hundreds of car rental companies across the world.


Recurring Invoices:


Customers who continue their rentals with the same company need to be given recurring invoices. These invoices can be arranged with the car rental management software. Also, payment reminders can be fixed and payment due dates can be reminded at regular intervals.




Once the rental service is finished, the Invoice needs to be raised to the customer. Certain information can be prefilled in the database like the company name, customer details, registration number, etc. This information can be easily prefilled while making the invoice and this adds a more professional look to the invoice.


Vehicle Management:


Car rental owners require knowing which vehicle has gone out and which one is available for rent. There will not be any confusion in letting out vehicles to the customers as this can spoil the reputation of the business.


Vendor Management:


If a customer repeatedly takes vehicles from the rental company, the details of the company can be kept in the database. Anytime the customer comes his information can be retrieved from the vendor database.


Document Management:


In the case of corporate clients, all the data can be maintained in a single place. Also whenever you need the documents can be obtained.


Mobile App:


The car rental business owner requires being proactive and keeping a track of the vehicles that come in and go out. The mobile App feature helps in this regard.




Car rental companies derive income from daily rentals daily and long-term rentals income comes in intervals depends on the payment policy. The Car rental software must be in a position to track the outstanding and send reminders for pending payments. Also, the drivers need to be paid; their payments can be calculated easily.


Digital Agreement


Build agreements on the Tab and get them signed digitally from your buyer. Save agreements on the Cloud server and the customer with super fast documentation.


Fleet Management


A Simple dashboard calendar shows which vehicles are arriving and departing every day. Also gives a bird’s eye view of which of your Fleet is available on any given day.

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