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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Travel Meta Search Engine - Finding Direct Revenue for Your Business

Power your travel business with the Travel Meta Search Engine and avail the best deals on flights, hotels, transfers, activities, and car rentals from anywhere in the world.


What is a Travel Meta Search Engine?


A travel meta search engine is a search platform that gathers and displays information from multiple travel websites. Users can easily compare costs, inventory, and other relevant information from several travel websites in one location. These meta-search engines do not sell directly travel services, but instead, act as a search tool to help users find the best deals by offering comprehensive search results from various sources.

This allows users to see room availability and the rates offered on different platforms, all from a single list. This makes it easier for clients to get the best hotel room deals, while it adds another significant online distribution channel for hotels, alongside OTAs and your hotel website. Some popular travel meta search engines include Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Momondo.


How Travel Meta Search Engine is playing an important role in the Travel Industry?


In today’s digital era, metasearch engines have emerged as essential tools for businesses seeking to maximize their online visibility and drive bookings.

Meta search engines (sometimes called aggregators) pull data from other travel sites so you can see rates, accessibility, and pricing across other sites in one place.

Meta Search Engine is something where people can compare the prices of hotels, flights, and cars offered by different service providers. This increases the traffic at a travel portal.

Travel meta search engines are specifically dedicated to displaying travel products, pricing, and information. They impact the online travel sector for online travel shopping and booking. This flexibility makes metasearch engines increasingly popular among travelers and consumers looking for the best deals and options.

Therefore, BookingXML offers a top-notch approach to developing a Meta Search Engine where users can compare the prices between different providers on a single website and can also book the same.

Our experts at BookingXML can help you gain a decisive competitive edge with our complete meta-search engine services. Our Travel Meta Search Engine compares prices from hundreds of travel sites to get you the best deals. Utilize our convenient travel search engine to save time and money.


Why is BookingXML the best partner for Travel Meta Search Engine?  




At BookingXML, we understand the needs of the travel industry very well and have experience developing high-performance metasearch engines. We work with more than 40 top travel aggregators, global distribution systems, channel managers, and DMCs.

We develop flight search engines, hotel search engines, car search engines and cruise search engines for global clients. Our meta search simplifies the entire search process, making travel deals and availability easily accessible.

Airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators, as well as corporate companies, all require meta search website to help their businesses thrive for a long time.

However, metasearch engines have become especially valuable for the travel, hotel, and airline industries, making it easier to reach potential customers. Thanks to their advanced search capabilities and flexibility, their users get highly personalized offers, that significantly increase the chances of more direct bookings.

All travel companies must have a meta search engine. It has redefined the way travel companies target travelers by providing all travel services - hotels, airlines, tours, transfers, and activities - in a single platform that allows travelers to book their entire vacation in minutes and enhance the guest experience.

Metasearch engines empower consumers by showcasing travel options and directing them to supplier and online travel agents (OTA) websites and apps to book their travel.

These dynamic search engines provide customers with all available travel options at the most competitive rates. Consumers benefit from this product market in terms of more choices and lower-cost options.

Meta Search Engine is all that where individuals can evaluate hotel, flight, and car prices offered by different service providers. This increases traffic on the travel portal.

The more you provide a comparison filter, the more users will come to your website and book your services. By doing this, you'll be able to obtain exceptional commissions from actual service providers.

You can enhance your online appearance and manage every facet of your business on a single platform with the help of our extensive selection of online travel software solutions.

Our Travel Technology Solutions include B2B/B2C Travel Portal, Third-Party Supplier Integration, GDS Connectivity, Inventory Management, Quotation Management, Itinerary Creation, Package Customization, Reservation Management, (Travel CRM) Customer Management, Payment Integration, Accounting, Invoicing, MIS Reporting, Back Office Management, Mobile Apps, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, and more to streamline the travel process and enhance the customer experience.

In addition, we provide B2B and B2C travel software, travel CRM, back office systems, accounting software, content management systems, B2B and B2C booking engines, mobile applications, and more to help travel agencies increase their operational efficiency and boost their business visibility.

Travel companies rely on us as we offer them a competitive edge with our broad range of travel technology products. Our cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions can assist you in growing your business to new heights. Let's shape the future of travel together.


How does Travel Meta Search Engine work?




Here's a brief explanation of how a travel meta-search engine works:


  • Aggregator of Information: A travel meta-search engine gathers information from a variety of sources, including airlines, hotels, online travel agencies (OTAs), car rental agencies, and other travel service providers.

  • User Query: When a user enters their travel criteria, such as the destination, travel dates, and preferences, the meta-search engine processes this query.

  • Search Across Providers: The Google Hotel Search Engine then simultaneously queries its database and the databases of various travel providers to gather relevant results.

  • Comparison: It displays the search results in a user-friendly interface, allowing travelers to compare prices, availability, and options from different providers side by side.

  • Link to Booking Sites: Users can click on the results to be redirected to the actual booking websites or travel providers to complete their reservation process.

  • Filters and Sorting: Google Hotel Search Engine frequently provides filters and sorting options, allowing users to refine their search results based on factors like price, duration, airline, hotel star rating, and more.

  • Price Alerts: Some meta-search engines offer price tracking and alert features, notifying users when prices for specific travel options drop or match their budget.

  • User Reviews: Many Google Hotel Search Engine incorporate user-generated reviews and ratings to help travelers make informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: They strive to provide full coverage, including information on flights, accommodations, rental cars, and even vacation packages.

  • Pricing Transparency: Meta-search engines aim to provide pricing transparency information, revealing the final cost of travel services, including taxes and fees.


What are the Top Travel Meta Search Engines?




Here are the top travel meta search engines and their benefits for travel businesses:


Google Flights: Google Flights enables users to look for and compare flight options from various airlines and travel providers. It assists travel businesses by driving more visibility and exposure to their flight offerings.

Kayak: Kayak is owned by Bookings Holdings and is currently active in over 30 countries. This metasearch engine displays results from over 2 million hotels and is known for its review features. Kayak aggregates prices from different travel websites, providing users with a comprehensive comparison of flights, hotels, and car rentals. For travel businesses, Kayak offers a platform to showcase their offerings to a broad audience and compete with other providers. It’s a metasearch engine for searching and comparing tourism-related information, including flight details, accommodations, car rentals, and vacation packages. 

Skyscanner: Skyscanner is a leading travel meta-search engine that allows users to search and compare prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The website based on metasearch engines is multilingual, offering flight searches in 20 languages. The major convenience is that users can search for flights without specifying the exact date and destination or comparing prices. It benefits travel businesses by delivering a wide reach to potential customers and increasing the chances of bookings and revenue.

Momondo: Momondo offers search options for flights, hotels, and car rentals, allowing users to compare prices from various providers. For travel businesses, Momondo helps increase their visibility, attract new customers, and drive bookings.

Trivago: It’s a German multinational technology company specializing in metasearch engine services, hospitality, and accommodation products. The website compares the prices of more than 700,000 hotels on more than 175 booking sites, such as Booking.com. Trivago focuses primarily on hotel search and comparison. It aggregates prices and availability from multiple hotel booking websites, providing users with options to find the best hotel deals. For travel businesses, Trivago functions as a platform to showcase their hotel properties and gain exposure to a larger audience. If you own a hotel that has locations worldwide, Trivago could be a great option for brand promotion on a global scale.

Expedia: Expedia is a renowned online travel company that also functions as a travel meta search engine. It allows users to search and compare prices for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. For travel businesses, Expedia provides an avenue to reach a broad customer base and drive bookings.

Tripadvisor: It is one of the world’s largest tourism platforms based on metasearch engines. Every day it helps many people worldwide plan trips, make reservations, or express opinions. The site has more than 1 billion reviews on nearly 8 million businesses. The company is available in 43 markets and provides content in 22 languages. Tripadvisor combines meta search capabilities with user-generated reviews and ratings. It allows users to search and compare prices for flights, hotels, and restaurants. For travel businesses, Tripadvisor offers an opportunity to showcase their properties, gather positive reviews, and attract potential customers.

Travelocity: Travelocity is an online travel agency that offers meta search features for flights, hotels, and car rentals. It benefits travel businesses by providing visibility to a broad customer base and the chance to generate bookings.

HotelsCombined: HotelsCombined specializes in hotel search and comparison. It aggregates prices from various booking websites, helping users find the best hotel deals. Travel businesses benefit from greater exposure and potential bookings through HotelsCombined.

Hipmunk: Hipmunk offers meta-search capabilities for flights and hotels, focusing on providing search results in a visually appealing and easy-to-use format. For travel businesses, Hipmunk provides an additional channel to reach travelers and potentially secure bookings.


Why are the Meta Search Engines a booming trend in tourism?


Today, customers value the accuracy of information and the ability to obtain it quickly. If you want to book a flight or hotel, you probably pick up a smartphone or use a laptop.
When it comes to planning a trip, people have different requirements, tastes, and budgets. With the help of a travel metasearch engine, finding an ideal match is extremely easy – just enter the proper criteria to get a list of matching offers.

The speed of the meta-search engines makes customers eager to book, and the efficient service builds a positive user experience.

Travel meta-search engines serve as valuable tools for both travel businesses and travelers by simplifying the booking process, providing transparency, and offering cost-effective marketing opportunities. They play a crucial role in the modern travel industry, making it easier for travelers to explore their options and for businesses to reach a wider audience.

Now, let's explore how BookingXML’s travel meta-search engines benefit both travel businesses and travelers:


Benefits for Travel Businesses:


  • Greater brand visibility on websites: Metasearch engines give you the ability to rank higher and significantly increase brand visibility online. This is essential for the competitive travel sector. Notably, the meta-search engine is a sort of extension of partnerships with OTAs, which increases sales opportunities.

  • Competitive Insights: Travel providers can track the pricing and offerings of competitors, helping them make strategic pricing decisions.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Meta-search engines can be a cost-effective marketing channel for travel businesses, as they commonly work on a pay-per-click model, meaning businesses pay only when users click through to their websites.

  • Efficient Distribution: Travel businesses can efficiently distribute their inventory and promotions to an array of potential customers.

  • Real-time Updates: These platforms allow suppliers to update pricing and availability in real time, ensuring reliable data for travelers.


Benefits for Travelers:


  • Price Comparison: Travelers can quickly compare prices and options from multiple suppliers, helping them find the best deals.

  • Time Savings: Meta-search engines simplify the search process, saving travelers time by presenting all relevant information in one place.

  • Transparent Pricing: Travelers get a clearer picture of the total cost of their trip, including taxes and fees.

  • Comprehensive Information: These platforms frequently provide detailed information, user reviews, and ratings to aid travelers in making informed decisions.

  • Flexibility: Travelers can adjust their search criteria to find travel options that match their preferences and budget.

  • Price Alerts: Some meta-search engines have price monitoring and alert capabilities that let users be informed when fares drop.

  • Saves Money: By comparing costs, travelers can potentially save money on flights, accommodations, and other travel services.

  • Inspiration: Some meta-search engines offer features that help travelers discover new destinations and travel ideas. 

Contact BookingXML for more details regarding our travel meta search engines.

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