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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

What We Do

We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

Why Us

Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Exceptional Booking Experience with B2C Travel Portal

B2C travel portal enables easy, secure booking from any browser and device. While it targets your end-users through self-service tools, you can manage various features and functionality using the backend.




What is B2C Travel Portal Development?


B2C Travel Portal is an online travel booking portal that provides online search and book functionality with flight, hotel, tour, transfer, and package modules to enable global B2C consumers to search and book online. B2C Travel Portal is a vital component of a Travel Website

The B2C business model is the type of model where the business sells directly to the client. These businesses produce an end product that is appropriately priced and then sell it to the general public.


B2C Travel Portal Development Company


BookingXML is the best B2C Travel Portal Development Company, offering B2C Travel Portal and Online Travel Booking Portal to build a complete robust Travel Booking System for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, and Travel Companies to maximize revenues and sustain a top position among travel industry competitors.

B2C travel portal development has helped travel companies as many travel-related businesses build a B2C platform. Explore B2C Travel portal development solutions that are compatible with any travel business, large or small.

Our B2C travel booking portal offers the right features that make the travel booking process faster and simpler for all kinds of clients, corporate industry and end-to-end customers travel booking engine represents the cutting-edge features of the travel web portal offering direct sales of travel products on the company's travel portal.

At BookingXML, we have a highly experienced team specializing in custom B2C travel portal development and even maintenance. Our services include a B2C travel booking engine, B2C travel portal software, travel website development, and more.

Our B2C travel portal offers an advanced internet-based reservation system that is designed to ensure to fit into any size of inbound and outbound operations in various locations. 

Our travel portal is integrated with advanced API, allowing customers to access a plethora of service options. Travelers can book domestic and international flights using any device.


How Does B2C Travel Portal Development Works?




A B2C travel portal is a website that enables users or travel agents to sell hotels, flights, airport transfers, packages, and other travel items. With the speed of the travel industry increasing, travelers expect a user-friendly and technologically advanced travel platform. To ensure the complete growth of a travel portal, it is critical to consider every aspect of the customer.

Travelers prefer a portal that provides an all-in-one solution to their travel concerns, and customer satisfaction is the key to business success; it allows you to grow.

It allows you to view all travel-related searches on a single page, allowing customers to perform a hassle-free search. The B2C travel portal is a cost-effective and efficient software solution.


Providing a complete range of custom B2C Travel Booking Engine Solutions for your startups


BookingXML provides cost-effective and innovative technological solutions for your B2C booking engine. We offer a complete B2C Travel Booking System solution for your travel portal based on your requirements. 

A travel portal software helps organizations, travel agencies, and tour operators to centralize their business processes while allowing the businesses and agents to perk up their marketing strategies. It enables their end-users to become mobile-friendly to experience a secure and hassle-free booking system. 

For a B2C travel portal to be the best in the market, that must be connected to the Major GDS and leading LCCs and full-service domestic carriers from which the data is fetched and the result is displayed. 

B2C Travel Booking must be user-friendly and responsive so that the customers can easily make their bookings. As one of the leading B2C Portal Solution providers, we work on the most important updates of the industry, which make sure that the website is updated with the latest features and is different from that of your competitors.

BookingXML offers a technology-enabled B2C Booking Portal through which a customer can make an online hotel reservation. Hotel Booking System is a one-stop solution that uses content from multiple suppliers to meet the exact needs of your visitors. 

Nowadays, a wide range of accommodation options is available at every location with different pricing and availability. So, navigating through multiple suppliers can be a time-consuming task. Our Hotel Booking System is directly connected to the Supplier APIs, where data is fetched and displayed in the form of end-user bookings. 

After selecting the hotel segment, you will be redirected to the payment gateway to complete your transaction. You can easily browse the vast hotel inventories in one place, book a room, cancel a reservation, generate a booking report, and generate a cancellation report using the Hotel Booking System.

The B2C travel solution is a cost-effective and efficient software solution. Our travel portal software is a cutting-edge travel and hospitality portal for any business looking to enter the online travel market.


Features of B2C Travel Portal Development


  • Several managements for Holidays, Hotels, Flights, or Transfers.

  • Booking engines for Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Activities, and Transfer services.

  • Integrated shopping cart and payment gateways.

  • Live chat and feedback options for customers

  • 24*7 booking support for all sub-agents.

  • Registration and membership for customers.

  • Automated back office panel for markup, commission, refund, and cancellation policy.

  • MIS Reports for the administrator.

  • MIS accounting management and manage markups.


Why Choose Us For B2C Booking System?




BookingXML provides the right tools to make your portal function faster and deliver a complete solution to your customers. B2C travel portal solution guarantee to make. You can profitably expand your business. We can help you create a functional and adaptable booking system for your website.

We aim to offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Our website consolidates a variety of features for all customers and travel agents. With our B2C travel portal software, you gain the ability to provide your customers with a variety of options for searching and completing travel bookings. Furthermore, this will be available online at any time. 

Our B2C travel portal development gives your brand access to the global market. Our system responds directly with various rates and availability to provide you with a better turnover through an integrated travel solution. So, if you're in the travel business and want to expand quickly, a B2C travel portal is the best way to go. Our highly skilled team will pave the way to your success.

BookingXML is a preferred travel portal development services partner for companies of all sizes from the industry. Our custom-developed solutions are SaaS-based that are cost-effective and tailored to individual company’s need.

The travel industry is evolving. To compete in a global market, you must use cutting-edge technology. A travel portal will provide you with opportunities that are aligned with your business growth plans. At BookingXML, you can get end-to-end travel solutions with hotels, rental cars, airlines worldwide. 
BookingXML B2C Booking Portal empowers your client to book travel deals online without the interference of other travel agents or tour operators. We developed a sophisticated system that allows customers to book any travel product, whether international or domestic, from any device at any time.

It can integrate multiple third-party API/XML for hotels, flights, sightseeing, packages, travel insurance, transfers, and car rentals into your online booking engine, allowing you to sell multiple products without any hassle.

With our advanced consolidation features, online travel agencies and travel agents can easily consolidate and resell inventory from a variety of API suppliers while adding their specific markups. 

At BookingXML, you get the complete range of online booking solutions that a B2C flight booking engine requires. It includes flights, transfers, hotels, car rentals, and experiences. If you want, you can easily integrate additional features such as payment gateways. 


B2C Booking Service We Provide


Flight Booking System


Flight Booking System integrates all flight-related searches to find the most desirable options for travelers and then generates the PNR through online booking. Flight Booking System allows you to search, book, and confirm flights with single API integration. It also aids in the generation of Booking and Cancellation Reports.


Hotel Booking


Hotel Booking System is a one-stop solution that uses content from multiple suppliers that can meet the exact requirements of your Customers. Through Hotel Booking, you can browse the huge hotel inventories at one place, book Room, Cancel Room, generate bookings reports, generate Cancellation reports very easily. We provide a platform by which a customer makes an online Hotel Booking unique.


Bus Booking


Bus Booking System provides all the real-time availability of buses for the selected segment. Your Clients just search the segment and all the available buses for this route will be displayed.  


Car Booking


Our Car Booking System is linked with APIs which helps in finding the best routes. With our car booking system, rental car companies can easily manage reservations, track available vehicles, and assign vehicles to customers. They also receive notifications about maintenance and servicing. Fleet management & accounting are both simplified with this software for providers. Users have advanced search options and can select vehicles based on size, features, and segment.


Benefits of B2C Travel Portals:


  • Increase business profitability

  • Maximize ROI

  • Simplify complex business processes

  • Increase the power of your brand

  • Interactive interface

  • Booking Management

  • Access to Millions of Buyers and Sellers

  • A Great Way to Automate Your Sales

  • Your Gateway to Product Innovation

  • Exceptional customer service


Future of Travel Portals


Travel portal development achievement mainly relates to two major sectors, such as the flight and hotel booking sector. The travel sector faced significant changes in terms of the usage of technology. There is no doubt that technology has provided enormous benefits for travelers and travel agents. Improved technology eventually leads to more visitors to your website.

The B2C travel portal is highly compatible with mobile devices and other types of devices. With the help of our travel search/booking engine, travelers are their agents, and our portal enables customers to book travel services online directly. Online booking software is essential for any travel company as it allows customers to make reservations at any time and from any location.

If you are running a travel business and wishing to know how to increase online booking sales using B2C travel booking software, then you have come to the right place. Our B2C booking engine system provides accurate service that makes the booking process easier and faster for all customers, whether they are corporate or individuals. 

Our travel software has a high potential for attracting online users, improving their business interactions, reducing costs, and gaining critical competitive advantages through the use of such travel portals.

A travel portal plays a vital role as a platform that provides its customers the services such as flight, hotels, car rentals, bus rental, sightseeing modules and acts as a complete, full-fledged online booking engine for your customers.

B2C Travel portal enables its customers to make travel booking as and when required anytime, anywhere and hence, bringing into more feasibility and simplicity for both the businesses and customers. A B2C travel portal initiates, enhances, and automates the entire travel booking process. 

With B2C Travel Portal, you can serve your customers the best itineraries at the prices that suit them and it is quite easy for customers as well to book their tickets and make required hotel accommodations instantly by finding the most reasonable and suitable itinerary for themselves. 

By using a travel portal, you can generate better revenue for your business and more sales. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful and highly advanced marketing platform that serves as a one-stop, trusted travel booking solution to clients. 

BookingXML travel portal solutions not only give you access to the B2C travel portal but also empowers you by offering you amenities like booking offers, tour packages, and a lot more.

Revolutionizing Online travel

  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Online Booking Engine - Flight,Hotel,Holiday Package,Car,Sightseeing and Transfers
  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration
  • Complete booking management system
  • Comprehensive reporting module
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  • Most affordable online reservation system.
  • Market proven end to end solution on cloud.
  • Unique B2B and Back office module.
  • Enhanced reservation flow, affiliates network, sales and analytics tools.
  • Comprehensive booking management tools
  • Multi languages and currencies in the booking engine
  • Real time inventory

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