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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

What We Do

We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

Why Us

Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

Let's Discover

The World Together

One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

B2B Mobile App Development - Grow your customer base with our experienced mobile app developers today.

Our B2B app development services will open up a new portal of exciting growth opportunities for your business, and allow you to conquer your market, and edge past your competitors. We will unlock a business revolution for you.




One-stop Destination for Top B2B Mobile App Development Services


BookingXML is a top-notch b2b mobile app development company building feature-packed and interactive b2b mobile applications for startups, medium and large enterprises. Our cutting-edge and out-of-the-box approach will deliver cost-effective b2b mobile app development solutions to turn your business into a leading enterprise.

BookingXML offers inclusive B2B mobile apps development services to increase profitability while fulfilling business-specific needs. Our highly-qualified and experienced B2B mobile apps development consultant works closely with our customers and vouch to deliver excellence for catering to their business-critical requirements. 

Our B2B mobility solutions increase the interaction accuracy within an organization, optimize business processes and provide fast customer feedback with better communication. Most of the corporations have B2B mobile apps for data sharing and analysis, supervision, 24×7 support services, communication, and other operations.

We understand how important it is for businesses to build and cultivate customer loyalty, and secure a higher ROI. And that’s what BookingXML aims to do through mobile solutions. As a leading eCommerce app development company, we build robust and intuitive apps that drive growth to your business. 

From planning to development and launch, we follow the agile project management process to get things done faster and with maximum quality. No matter how unique or complex your business ideas are, our highly skilled team architects are ready to take the challenge.

As a custom mobile app development company globally, our aim is to help clients by providing custom mobile apps to boost their sales for generating higher ROI (Return on Investment). We believe in doing a lot of research work and competitor analysis before starting up with mobile app development. 

We know what exactly your business needs, and on the basis of that we create top-notch mobile applications with cutting-edge technologies. At BookingXML, the expert team of experienced developers makes sure that every custom mobile app we develop meets world-class standards. 

With the latest range of technologies, BookingXML provides extended functionalities, capabilities, and robustness while undertaking mobile enterprise development. We deliver B2B, B2C, and B2E mobility solutions across the globe.

We have a dedicated pool of 50+ designers, strategists, and developers in our work centers to deliver perfectly crafted, created, and innovative b2b mobile app development solutions to our clients. We take your business to new heights!

When compared to other b2b mobile app development companies - what makes us unique and stand out from the crowd? We take every project as an opportunity to deliver unique and next-gen solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. At BookingXML, perfection is not just another trait but also a way of life that we have become accustomed to. 

BookingXML has a committed team of B2B & B2C eCommerce developers with expertise in all leading platforms. We focus on customizing, implementing B2B & B2C eCommerce solutions.


Below-mentioned are the most common types of eCommerce mobile applications. What best matches your business needs?


B2B (Business to Business)


  • Are most of your B2B sales being mobile? Then maximize growth with B2B eCommerce application development. Let’s create mobile-first experiences.


B2C (Business to Customer)



B2A (Business to Administration)



C2A (Customer to Administration)


  • Mobile apps are a great way to increase the flexibility of transactions. Build C2A mobile apps as per your requirements with us.


C2B (Customer to Business)


  • Have an idea for a C2B mobile app? Hire a team that has both technical and industry expertise for eCommerce application development.


C2C (Customer to Customer)


  • Launch and scale your C2C business with a marketplace app. Hire experts who can deliver solutions as per your business logic.


Our B2B Mobile Application Development Process


  • Our leading b2b mobile app development company worldwide follows DevOps and agile processes for offering on-time & error-free solutions to our clients.




  • Our experienced development team conducts in-depth analysis, understands the project’s goals, and ensures validation for delivering comprehensive documentation. We also come up with a dedicated mobile app development plan based on your specific requirements.




  • With end-to-end, full-stack mobile application development knowledge & expertise, we help in designing as well as developing customized mobile applications based on the specific requirements of our clients. 

  • Our advanced development services include full-cycle mobile app development, integration with the ongoing environment, testing, and deployment. We also offer reliable after-deployment support.




  • For delivering the assurance of the overall stability after delivering mobile applications successfully, we offer comprehensive mobile app maintenance as well as support services. 

  • Right from upgrades & the overall improvements to performance monitoring, security audit, server & OS migration –we offer it all.


Our Powerful Solutions For B2B App Development




Our targeted and customized solutions are tailor-made for specific business models and operations, that empowers you to optimize your ROI and carve a unique niche within the B2B mobile ecosystem.


Mobile App Consulting


  • With our end-to-end development model, we focus on building apps and client relations, which is why we will be there for you at every step of the way.


iOS App Development


  • We will design and launch efficiently designed and feature-rich iOS business apps for B2B operations and take your business to the next level.


Android App Development


  • We will develop state-of-the-art Android mobile apps for corporates and enterprises, leveraging the power and reach of the Android ecosystem.


Flutter App Development


  • Attain faster speeds, efficient development cycles and better results with the cross-platform flutter app development for the B2B niche.


Xamarin App Development


  • Save time with the Xamarin App, one of the fastest methods for cross-platform development for ventures whose ideas cannot wait any longer.


React Native App Development


  • Unleash the best of both worlds with B2B mobile apps developed using React Native, which is platform-independent.


How to Develop a Successful B2B Mobile App ?


Business to business (B2B) is becoming popular in the application business area. Instead of reaching customers through mobile apps, businesses focus on reaching other businesses like doctors, restaurants, etc. 

With the evolution of new and innovative technologies, it has become easy to access emails, social accounts, games, music, and other entertainment area on the smartphone device at any time and also including the latest technologies in the business such as wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, etc., these technologies have also made B2B application important.

Various studies have also suggested that more than 85% of mobile phones are spent on smartphone apps. Hence, mobile apps that are useful for existing clients can help the business to grow. 

However, very few businesses opt for the B2B application; hence, the competition is not yet intense in the market. The slow adoption of B2B in the mobile application development process is due to the small size of the B2B market. 

It requires better communication and robust sales, which is still difficult. However, the best part of the B2B application is that the user focuses on the conversion rate.

Below are some of the tips on developing a successful B2B application. App development, deployment, and app service and maintenance are important factors for developing successful B2B applications and proper resources and time.


Purpose of B2B App


  • B2B mobile applications are developed by one business for another business.

  • Thus, the ultimate aim of the app should be to provide useful tools for businesses that can help the business retain new clients and convert new leads into business or clients. 

  • Companies are creating new B2B apps with better features by providing the cost to develop a mobile app.


Marketing B2B Mobile App


There are various ways in which the company or business can market B2B mobile apps. Below are some of the most effective B2B app marketing techniques.


Optimizing App Store


  • Every store has its own algorithm; hence, it becomes important to comprehend the multiple ins and multiple outs of each store to ensure that the mobile application has maximum exposure. 

  • In the case of the iOS mobile app, it is important to ensure that the app is optimized for the App Store, and in the case of the Android app, it should be optimized for the Play Store. 

  • Regardless of the cost to develop a mobile app, the company should deliver a quality app to the customers and users.


Social Media


  • Social media has become an important part of our lives as it helps people connect and helps businesses achieve their goals. Hence, companies and businesses are focusing on taking full advantage of social media and developing techniques. 

  • Businesses are developing interesting and attractive social media pages with important information about the business, pictures, videos related to the brands by the company. 

  • Along with mobile application development processes, companies are also building social media pages to enhance the user experience. 

  • Businesses are also focusing on developing campaigns targeting smartphone audiences and encouraging them to install the app.


Reviews and Ratings


  • Reviews and rating options are some of the most important tools in the B2B application marketing strategy. This means more reviews and ratings, the higher the search credibility in the App Store. 

  • Ratings and reviews provided by customers help add to the application’s reputation and encourage more app development. 

  • With an increasing number of apps in the market, it has become important to provide reviews and ratings to customers. 

  • Today, it has become essential for businesses to develop mobile apps as most people use smartphones and spend maximum time on the apps. Moreover, by providing B2B apps, businesses can easily achieve their goals.


Going with the Flow of Latest Trends


  • The key to creating a B2B mobile application is knowing about the customer or client requirement, ongoing trends, and customer interest. It is important to know what customers need before starting with the mobile application development process. 

  • To understand the user’s requirements, the business should look at the already available apps in the market. A business should examine and study these B2B apps and the way they provide value to other businesses. 

  • Conducting robust research and planning accordingly can help businesses develop the best B2B app for a client and enhance customer experience.


Benefits of B2B Mobile App Development


  • B2B applications are a wonderful way for B2B companies and brands to streamline their in-house B2B processes and operations. Right from tracking sales and leads to stock and logistics, B2B applications can be built and used for anything and everything. 


Increases Efficiency


  • B2B applications make managing simple things such as hiring more people, making new teams, creating new departments, etc. easier. 

  • With just a couple of clicks, both admin and sub-admin can manage such things and improve the overall efficiency of the teams. 




  • With B2B mobile apps, businesses can take advantage of flexibility. In fact, the mobile platform has made it simpler and easier for businesses to interact with customers, identify leads, and communicate with team members anytime and anywhere.


Simplify Things


  • From tracking employees' in and out time to sudden sick leaves, a B2B application can cover all the functionalities, letting businesses create effective reports on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis.


Enhances Communicate


  • To enhance communication between offices and internal teams, tailor-made B2B mobile/web applications are a great alternative to discuss the precise communication requirements of your business, making a huge difference.


Mobile App Industries We Cover


Travel & Hospitality


  • Get an intensive app built on travel and hospitality, and provide engaging services to your target audience with the modified app. From the bookings of the travel plans to the arrangement of the stay at the resorts, the travel app is the comprehensive portal for tourists.

  • Make traveling fun and hassle-free, the travel, and hospitality app lets the tourist find everything concerning their trip on one platform with an organized mobile app. Developed by the Mobile App Development Company worldwide.




  • Let your target audience map the health record and fitness with the accuracy of mobile apps. As the structured apps developed by the Mobile App Development Company in India are intelligently designed to keep one in good health and shape.

  • Additionally, by enabling the customized features to improve the user experience, the developed applications are technologically advanced.

  • Healthcare apps are developed for the health-conscious individual by suggesting the ways to lose weight to what should be the right diet to choosing the right form of exercise. Further, these mobile apps appropriately offer services to the concerned audience.




  • As an application development company, we develop a user-friendly portal for students and teachers. And with systematic designing of educational classes and forums, we facilitate an educational platform to usher in the growth of the students. However, our inquisitive approach in building the educational app is commendable and noteworthy.




  • Making learning fun and an easy process for students, e-learning apps developed by our application development company are attractive and interactive because, with the impact of user-friendly graphics and videos in the e-learning apps, an institution gets the opportunity to share a mirage of knowledge. And, with the added test series to worksheets, the apps systematically cover the syllabus of students.

  • These e-learning mobile apps are compatible with students of any age. However, e-learning apps are a way to generate success for students who cannot afford the high fees of tuition classes.


Retail and e-Commerce


  • Shopping through mobile apps is comfortable, with added features and multiple diverse categories to browse at the retail and e-commerce apps, a brand name can sweep the market presence with accelerated sales and greater audience reach.

  • Thus let your audience shop online as the diversified mobile apps allow shoppers to browse the diverse categories and proceed with a quick assessment of the payment. The multiple offerings and easy-to-shop alternatives of the retail and e-commerce apps developed by the mobile app Development Company in India Are competent and effective.




  • With the streamlined information about each process of the logistics, the mobile app helps in the quick and transparent execution of the logistics. Thus, by giving a holistic development to the apps, we progress towards having a systematic app that helps in quick shipment processing and showcases real-time delivery status.

  • Logistics app can bring about the seamless delivery process, the stepwise execution of packaging to delivery and updating of stock, the logistics app designed by the application development company assures to simplify the operations.


Finance and Insurance


  • One can get proficient apps from the Mobile App Development Company worldwide like ours, we specialize in developing fintech apps with improved features. Keeping the track of your finance and payments of insurance premiums with the adequacy of mobile apps, the arranged portals with managed platforms helps one in dealing with finances. helps one in dealing with finances.

  • With the constant reminder feature of due dates and alerts, the app assists the consumer in choosing the best plan for the long run and short run. However, the app acts as the virtual guide for the consumers looking forward to making smart investment decisions.




  • The enhanced marketplace apps created by the Mobile App Development Company in India take you to the virtual marketplaces. 


Why Choose BookingXML For Your B2B Mobile App Development?




BookingXML is a leading app development company, our team of proficient mobile app developers holds profound exposure and experience gained through continuously working and delivering diverse mobile applications catering to the varied needs of different industries and markets. 

As a professional organization, we make it a point to always meet the industry benchmarks of quality by following the coding standards and the industry-defined protocols. Our rich UI/UX imparts seamless experiences to the end-users.

Our business motto is to help businesses achieve a competitive advantage by building advanced and feature-rich mobile applications for their companies that comply with the latest mobile trends.

Our team is equipped with the sharp business acumen to understand business logic, apply technical concepts and effectively reap the advantages of the advanced technologies by translating them into business benefits.

When it comes to the core technical expertise of experimenting to introduce new features to an existing application or bringing about a significant modification in the current features of an application, their vast experience plays a huge role in the successful execution of such projects to meet the immediate business needs without losing sight of the long-term business goals.

Our developers directly interact with you and work closely with you to understand your needs in detail, to provide you with regular progress updates and weekly demos, ensuring you stay on top of the project schedule and the project workflow. 

Understanding your app ideas and needs first and then, working to translate these into the most cutting-edge and lively mobile applications, is the philosophy our mobile application team believes in – the very reason why we develop and maintain trusted and long-term relationships with a majority of our clients. 

Our Mobile app developers are extensively experienced to deal with any challenges faced while building a challenging and innovative mobile application. They enjoy investing their time in learning about your needs in all the details and proceed with coding only after performing an in-depth analysis of the project requirements.

Our team of mobile application developers is committed to their responsibilities and capable of utilizing their skills to develop expedient mobile applications that correctly address your business needs. 

Leveraging their domain expertise, they develop your mobile apps within the defined timelines while covering all the requirements specified as part of the project scope.

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