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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Kick-Start Your Home Cooked Meal Delivery Business with Our On-Demand Solutions

Improve your food delivery business's market presence with our feature-rich and powerful on-demand home-cooked meal app development services. A customer-driven food delivery solution to all food lovers.




Bridge the gap between food lovers and restaurants/home-grown chefs with a user-friendly app that would allow them to pamper their taste buds with a few taps over the phone. With the on-delivery food business now gaining momentum, a complete digital food delivery app/website is vital. 

BookingXML is the best food ordering application development company. The app allows customers to find the best-handpicked home chefs within their location and order the delicious food from the given menu. 

We provide custom on-demand food delivery app development using a mix of other software, including AI, Point of Sale (POS), and IoT, among others. This helps streamline operations, eliminate waste, and integrate essential functions. 

The home chefs will prepare the food with much care so that customers can enjoy healthy and mouth-watering food. The customers can make easy payments and get healthy, tasty, and hygienic home-cooked meals delivered at their doorsteps.

We ensure that the app is regulatory compliant and the best of minds work to apply the best strategy and tactics to kick-start your business. When the app goes live, a dedicated developer will be available 24*7 to guide you in case of any hurdle. 

With years of experience in app development, we provide help to scale up your business. We have a prolific team of UX/UI designers and writers who have domain and industry knowledge to provide you with just the right app that can help you reap benefits. 

Choose BookingXML working as a food delivery app development company to stay ahead in an ultra-competitive, strictly regulated food and beverage industry.


Best On-Demand Cooked Meals Delivery App Development


BookingXML is a next-generation on-demand cooked meal delivery app development company, delivering best-in-class on-demand food delivery apps and eCommerce stores to chain restaurants, food delivery startups, and dining outlets. 

We have a team of top eCommerce app developers, possessing great expertise in developing on-demand mobile apps, internet stores, multi-channel eCommerce systems. Let your food delivery business set its footprint in mobile e-commerce through our best-in-class native food delivery software platform and store-fronts.

Being a leading eCommerce mobile app development company, we have great expertise in a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including Magento. We develop mission-critical, data, and performance-centric apps using cloud web services.

BookingXML is building a network of home chefs who would love to cook at home. Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by listing your kitchen on our platform and getting discovered by customers around you.

You can use the platform to list your menu, pricing, and other details. Customers will get in touch with you to place an order and either pick up the food or opt-in for the delivery service if you provide one.

By using BookingXML, customers can select their home chef within their location, select their meal. Customers can also schedule their weekly meals. Once the preferred food items are added to the cart, customers can proceed to checkout. 

Customers can make easy and secure payments through the app.  This app also allows home chefs to register easily, add or delete the food items to their menu list, receive and confirm the order requests easily.

Our team of software developers builds customized and scalable mobile applications to enhance your business.

How Do On-Demand Cook & Chef Mobile Apps Work?



Anytime users need a cook on demand, they can log in to the app and provide location details about where they need a chef and what kind of cuisine they want. 

Accordingly, the application will notify the chef within that location. He/She will come to the user’s doorstep at the mentioned time and provide service.

Like any other application working on an on-demand cook, the booking app is pretty simple. First, the users will have to hire a chef app. Second, they have to sign up for the initial app setup. Last, the user profile is set on the app, they can avail a chef at any time and location.


Target Audience of the On-Demand cook & chef mobile application


The app development costs depend on the features included in the application. However, the features of this application depend on the target audience. To illustrate, there are three major types of the target audience. 


Travel-based audience


These users prefer easy and less time-consuming dishes. However, this crowd is rarely at home and through this app, one can locate them. Thus, helps to find out how much time a user stays at home and prefers cooking.


Customers who usually eat outside


This audience crowd is a big fan of restaurants and cafes and they hardly appreciate the wide variety of cuisines. For this reason, through location service, one can find the recipes which are popular in those particular restaurants and cafes. Accordingly, this will encourage their interest in making their favorite meal at home.


Lifestyle user


This is a potential group of audience and usually prefers cheap and less complicated dishes. Hence customizing their preference list is much easier.

Therefore, once the admin knows the persona of the audience it gets easier to add required features to the application.


Responsibilities and Duties of Cook/Chef


An excellent chef/ cook not only makes delicious food but also ensures scented flavors and a perfect presentation that delights the taste. Responsibilities and duties of cook/chef are

  • Setting up menus for events

  • Obeying all food and kitchen regulations

  • Management of Kitchen staff

  • Making different recipes

  • Preparation of meals

  • Maintaining the budget

Opportunities of Monetization by On-Demand Cook & Chef mobile app


The choice of the best business monetization approach is one of the important factors which determine future success in the case of start-ups. 

Furthermore, the monetization model has to be sustainable, scalable, and lucrative. Thus, below are three monetization techniques that can be used in the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app.

Featured listing


  • This is a common strategy through which application owners can make a huge sum of money. Here, the app features a selected list of cooks on the top collection list of chefs and for this price a specific amount of money. 

  • As a result, a lot of cooks and chefs show interest and are willing to pay for the featured listing on the application as this helps in receiving more bookings.




  • Presently, this is the most common and popular way to monetize this mobile app, especially for those who are free of download price on the app store. As per record, around 78 % of the users accept this happily as this is pertinent to their requirements.

  • In this case of the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app, business owners of the app can produce income by running advertisements of kitchen equipment, food products, or new recipes. Consequently, this keeps users engaged and in return, they get a pre-decided charge amount from the business of advertising.




  • Last, of all, this is allowing major demanded businesses to transact on their application platforms. 

  • Consequently, this business creates income by charging a particular amount of percentage or commission on the sale. Hence, this is one of the easiest techniques of monetization in apps.


Features of Our Home Cooked Meals Delivery Apps

Chef app features


Manage and edit profile


  • Home chefs can display their profile giving their details like name, photo, area of expertise, location, and varieties of food items they offer. This helps them to approach the number of customers.


Manage services list


  • Home chefs can easily manage the list of food items they are providing to the customers. They can manage the services list by adding, editing, or deleting the food items from their menu list.


Receive and confirm orders


  • The home chefs will receive the order requests along with customer details and the order details as soon as the order is placed by their customers.  The home chefs will do the order confirmation based on the availability of the food items for the chosen date and time.


Awesome analytics


  • Home chefs can watch their business grow by tracking their past and present revenue, data of past and present customers, and the booking growth statistics.

Customer app features


Choose your chef


  • Customers can select their favorite home chefs within their location from the number of excellent hand-picked home chefs who prepare delicious and hygienic home-cooked meals.


Select your meal


  • Customers have the option to choose their favorite food items from the list of a wide variety of delicious and mouth-watering items prepared by the chosen multi-cuisine Chefs.


Schedule your weekly meal


  • Customers can enjoy eating a healthy and tasty meal for the whole week by scheduling their weekly meals from a wide variety of delicious meals prepared by the home chefs.


Add to the cart


  • Customers can add their chosen food items to the cart and can place orders easily. Once the customers have done adding all the desired items to the cart, then they can submit and proceed to checkout.


Transaction history


  • Customers can Check the previous orders, current orders, and transaction history from the My orders section. Customers can also get order updates and track their orders through real-time tracking.


Secure payment


  • Customers can make their payments easily through Credit cards, Debit cards, Net banking, and cash-on-delivery. The multiple payment modes and secure payment gateway make the payment process much simpler.


Driver app features


Create Profile


  • The driver can create or update his profile providing all the details like name, phone number, photo, and other required details to complete the registration process.


Order alert


  • The delivery boy will receive the order alert as soon as the customer places an order from the chosen home chef. The delivery boy will be given the smartest route to reach the delivery location in a short period.


View order details


  • The delivery boy can view all the order details and customer details. The delivery boy can view the date, time, and location to which the food item is to be delivered and can keep a record with the summary of orders they have delivered or are pending.


Proof of delivery


  • Once the product delivery is done, the delivery person can collect the delivery proof from the customer. The customers can also provide feedback about delivery services through ratings and reviews.

How is it Beneficial for the Food Delivery Industry?




The online and customized Food Delivery Software Solutions are proven as a boon for food businesses and customers. It helped the Food Delivery Industry to serve their food to a wider base of customers.


Faster Operations


  • Online food delivery applications assist business admins to enhance the speed of food delivery operations.


Competitive Edge


  • Customized food delivery applications can be modified as per market situations assists in getting a competitive edge in the market.


Reduces Expenses


  • The use of on-demand food delivery solutions in food delivery startups and businesses reduces the extra business expenses.


Order Management


  • It enables the food delivery businesses to manage the customer's food order requests more efficiently and effectively.


Easy and Convenient


  • Custom food delivery apps are quite easy to use and convenient for business owners and customers.


Marketing Tool


  • It acts as an affordable marketing tool for food delivery startups to expand their business and enhance revenue and sales.


Why choose BookingXML for Cooked Meal Delivery App Development?


Hiring our cooked meal app development company will let you reach a wider range of tech-savvy consumer-base and serve them with satisfying nominally priced services.


Scalable Products


  • Our team offers an ideal as well as a scalable solution for clients from startups and established companies.




  • We help our clients in application customizations and integrations as per their industry requirements.


Innovative Technology


  • To develop futuristic meal delivery applications, our expert developers integrate them with the latest technologies.


Cost-effective Solution


  • We offer a cost-effective meal delivery app solution with built-in features and functionalities.


24/7 Support


  • To resolve application-related issues, our expert team is available around the clock for clients.


On-Demand Expertise


  • Our company gained popularity by developing on-demand applications embedded with useful features.

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