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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Automating The Medical Industry with Modern Healthcare IT Solutions

Our healthcare software development services at BookingXML help health businesses in bettering data management and analytics, automating processes, integrating digital collaboration, developing and implementing unique healthcare software strategies.




What is Healthcare Software Development?


A leading medical software development company worldwide, BookingXML provides caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle day-to-day challenges on the way to value-based care.

As a proficient custom healthcare software development company, we understand the needs and help healthcare professionals to develop the software solutions they need to improve every aspect of their patient care.

As every industry is moving digitally, healthcare companies are juggling rigorous internal processes, strict requirements, and growing patient expectations for convenience, transparency, and personal interactions with medical professionals.


Best Healthcare Software Development Company


In the technology-enabled world, the healthcare industry is one of the widely-served industries when it comes to mobile app technology, regardless of countless cases depicting treatment, diagnosis, and monitoring of health and wellness. 

As a leading healthcare software development company, BookingXML has years of experience in developing enterprise-level healthcare solutions and smartphone apps for catering to various personal fitness and wellness-related endeavors. 

Our healthcare software development company offers you to work with a competent team of certified technicians. We encourage healthcare providers to enhance the quality of delivered and patient results by leveraging the custom healthcare software development services from BookingXML.

Being one of the top custom healthcare software development companies, BookingXML has been assisting businesses in the medical industry to effectively install and support new IT solutions aimed at improving their workflows for over a decade. 

By implementing our offshore healthcare software development solutions, we guarantee that your company will reap the full benefits of clinical software implementation, including the facilitation of workflows, improved control and monitoring, accurate insights and analysis, better connectivity between staff members, and information exchange, and improved performance. Your company’s performance determines our own.

As a healthcare software company, we provide full-cycle services such as strategy, custom healthcare software development, custom healthcare app development, design, custom hospital software development, healthcare CRM development, integration, IoT healthcare devices development, healthcare IoT applications development, healthcare IoT security development, big data, and healthcare analytics among other things.

With our deep knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector, our developers aim to help you optimize workflows, analyze healthcare data and enable reimbursable remote care by developing convenient software. 

We address challenges met by the medical software industry through developing custom healthcare software solutions, cloud-based healthcare solutions including patient portals, customer health apps, patient management tools, and innovative web & mobile apps.

Working with our specialists will guarantee that your healthcare company achieves excellence at every level of the process at the same time giving you the best medical software development available.

We are committed to helping your organization from the early phases of planning to the process of healthcare software implementation since we have a thorough grasp of medical software development in the healthcare industry.

With the help of our expert developers and designers, BookingXML provides top-of-the-line custom healthcare software development services that streamline enterprise processes and make an institution more efficient.

Our team of developers will provide outstanding assistance and produce the industry’s most innovative solutions using current visuals, clean and highly functional code, and methods tailored to your business case. Quick installation, cost-effective planning, and execution are all essential components of successful healthcare software development. 

At BookingXML, we provide healthcare technology consulting services backed by healthcare experts and developers. We leverage the harness of technologies to benefit our clients in many ways:

  • Provide remote patient monitoring applications

  • Streamline the communication between doctors and patients

  • Enhance patient and healthcare providers experience

  • Promote connected technologies and remote healthcare

  • Improve hospital workflow and patient management

  • Increase in staff productivity

BookingXML provides end-to-end medical app development services to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, digital health startups, and medical device manufacturers. 

To create healthcare IT solutions that would benefit your organization, we always put security first, ensure healthcare data interoperability, and follow UI/UX best practices.


How We Tackle Custom Healthcare Software Development ?






  • We elicit and analyze functional, operational, legal, and other requirements to create a healthcare software specification, define the healthcare software development project scope, and provide a high-level delivery schedule. 

  • We also analyze the potential risks of software development, software use, etc., and develop a risk mitigation action plan.




  • Our UX designers carefully map user journeys to make the user experience intuitive and simple. UI designers create attractive software interface elements (buttons, menus, icons, etc.) to achieve a distinguishable yet sleek visual design.




  • We rely on an iterative approach in our development projects – we split the project into 2-4 week iterations and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) or the first application version with a set of high-priority features within 2-4 months. 

  • We also integrate the software with a healthcare organization’s IT environment or implement APIs for healthcare software products.




  • We conduct a vulnerability assessment, penetration, performance, usability, functional testing for all major releases of healthcare software.




  • We release healthcare software into the IT environment.


Support and maintenance


  • If required, we monitor and manage the performance of healthcare software, proactively detect and fix defects, perform daily healthcare software administration tasks (e.g., security checks and updates, the user or access management), and handle healthcare software evolution.


Our Healthcare Software Development Solutions


BookingXML builds robust, custom-built healthcare software solutions for multiple industry verticals, including hospitals, physicians, clinics, public health and research organizations, and ancillary facilities. 

We build highly integrated, scalable, and multi-lingual hospital information solutions (HISs) to help organizations solve their efficiency challenges and improve speed-to-service. 

Our experts uniquely combine the power of analytics, automation, and intelligence to spark transformation for our clients and help them inspire better care outcomes for relatively lesser costs. 

Our HIS solutions automate processes across clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), inventory, and administrative areas and are HIPAA-compliant to ensure the integrity of PII and PHI data across various compliance domains.


Pharmacy Management System


  • Our solutions help enterprises eliminate labor-intensive tasks such as medical billings, claim filings, and payment postings among more, and minimize total administrative expenses.  

  • We build highly intuitive revenue cycle management (RMS) systems that automate patient-to-payment timelessness, ensure seamless revenue flow in real-time, and optimize reimbursement cycles while also supporting compliance. 


Healthcare IoT Solutions


  • We build holistic solutions that are replete with capabilities for order management, batching and barcode scanning, inventory tracking, stock intake and transfer, and data loading among more—and simplify management from point-of-sale (POS) to backend. 

  • Our pharmacy management systems help administrators process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with a great degree of efficiency, accuracy, and security. 


Healthcare Integration Services


  • Our HIE solutions facilitate high-volume data transfers through protocols like TCP/IP MLLP and direct messaging and support all primary interoperability standards, including HL7, ICD-9, ICD-10, CDA, CCR, and more. 

  • We create flexible healthcare information exchange (HIE) solutions that securely combine industry-wide patients’ data on a single touchpoint and allow rapid access to information at the venue of care. 


Hospital Information System


  • We specialize in developing telemedicine apps for web and mobile platforms to help medical practitioners engage with customers efficiently and allow patients to avail of on-the-go consultations. 

  • Our personalized telemedicine/telehealth software development solutions provide for the effective allocation of clinical resources, strong data encryption, and real-time patient engagement. 


Telemedicine Software Development


  • We integrate our solutions with secure chat rooms, document and image sharing capabilities, and clinical decision support (CDS) systems, among more to foster better patient-physician communication and improve CX. 

  • Our patient portal solutions act as an extension of electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE), allowing rapid access to patient data and helping professionals deliver the right care. 


Patient Portal Development


  • Our experts have a deep understanding of wearable technology and create market-ready solutions that map historical data, ensure faster analysis of medical conditions, and update patients on alarming signals—all while ensuring remote access. 

  • We develop cutting-edge mHealth solutions that allow patients to track their diagnostic performance and help health workers record medical data in real-time for effective care. 


mHealth Solutions


  • Our HMS solutions help process owners track, manage, and report on information by boosting supply chain visibility and collaboration in a cost-friendly manner. 

  • We offer bespoke hospital management software solutions to aid organizations in rapidly integrating processes, devices, and data in a centralized location and making operations more efficient and consistent. 


Hospital Management Software


  • Our solutions are designed to benefit patients, physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies and are committed to the cause of any time, anywhere care while minimizing the risks of delays and errors.  

  • We harness the disruptive potential of the Internet of Things to establish cross-device connectivity across the medical ecosystem and enable data exchange for helping professionals deliver proactive care. 


Healthcare Information Exchange


  • We develop high-value Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer networks, also known as teleradiology solutions, to allow seamless sharing and storing of medical imaging, clips, and reports, and ensure patient-physician collaboration in real-time for agile care. 

  • Our PACS and DICOM solutions are built for on-site, cloud-based, and hybrid software and are personalized to meet customer needs. 


PACS and DICOM Software Development


  • Our experts drive automated, insight-driven processes across four key areas i.e. Patient/Provider Engagement, Diagnosis and Care Delivery, Billing and Compliance, and Data Integration, and facilitate the transformation to patient-centric services while aligning workforces with strategic objectives.  

  • We harness the full value of SAP services and solutions to help organizations build a strong, value-driven foundation of care on intelligent technologies. 


Revenue Cycle Management


  • Our healthcare integration services unlock a consolidated view of patients’ data across different systems such as EMR and EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, laboratory information systems, and external PHR systems like HealthVault, and support data extraction and transfer in industry-standard formats like HL7 and CCR. 

  • By unifying end-to-end data, we help organizations break silos and enable consistency of output, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs and errors. 


Top Healthcare Software Development Companies


1. BookingXML


  • BookingXML provides both customer-centric and enterprise-based healthcare solutions.

  • It is one of the top healthcare software development companies in the USA, India, and Singapore. 

  • As a leading custom healthcare software development company, BookingXML offers medical and healthcare solutions to clients in 20+ countries. 

  • Its team of 50+ developers builds highly dynamic, interactive healthcare applications. 

  • The company has 10+ years of experience in developing web & mobile applications. 

  • Our recent software projects on healthcare include Butler, an online therapist search platform. 


2. Mobisoft Infotech


  • Mobisoft is one of the top healthcare app development companies for building HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications. 

  • They have a team of certified developers and 170+ experts who have built some of the best applications in the healthcare industry. 

  • They focus on using cloud technologies to develop top-notch healthcare solutions.

  • The company has 10+ years of experience in creating customized healthcare solutions. It has successfully delivered 25+ healthcare projects. 

  • Their expertise includes fitness apps, telemedicine apps, medicine ordering apps, appointment scheduling applications, and many more. 


3. Leeway Hertz


  • A custom healthcare software development company, Leeway Hertz offers digital health applications to improve patient outcomes. 

  • Leeway Hertz uses AI, ML, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing to deliver world-class solutions. 

  • Their recent telemedicine platform for doctors and hospitals simplifies consulting for patients and helps doctors better connect with multiple stakeholders.

  • They provide healthcare software solutions for data-driven decision-making, remote health monitoring, automated clinical workflows, patient engagement solutions, telemedicine, and mHealth applications. 


4. MindInventory


  • A trusted company for healthcare software solutions, MindInventory offers healthcare app development services to manage important assets and patient data.

  • They have 10+ years of experience in building highly interactive solutions. 

  • The company also offers full-stack development for healthcare applications.

  • MindInventory has a team of 160+ professionals ready to develop high-quality healthcare applications.  

  • They provide solutions for HIPAA-compliant apps, health monitoring, wellness apps, patient management, remote healthcare, mHealth connectivity, and much more. 


5. OpenXcell


  • One of the top listed healthcare software companies on GoodFirms, OpenXcell provides complete patient engagement solutions. 

  • Their healthcare software projects include appointment planning apps, care management, remote health monitoring solutions, and electronic health records.

  • They follow an agile approach to healthcare app development and a result-driven methodology.

  • OpenXcell has expertise in cloud health management, enabling healthcare providers and patients to get a direct advantage from each other. 

  • OpenXcell has successfully delivered 2000+ customized software products across the globe. 


6. Space-O-Technologies


  • Space-O-Technologies is one of the listed healthcare software companies that provides complete medical and healthcare app development solutions. 

  • The company makes FDA and HIPPA compliant applications using AI and Cloud technology.

  • The company develops patient engagement apps across borders for better services.

  • Space-O-Technologies has 10+ years of experience in building healthcare applications and serving clients in different countries. 

  • Their recent project, Pearson Dental Supply App, enables customers to buy dental products and equipment online. 


What Do Healthcare Software Development Companies Do ?




From the standpoint of medical institutions, the reason to introduce IT solutions is mostly cost-oriented. Among all, a hired software development company should solve the task of greater financial efficiency through cost optimization.

They offer assistance to non-governmental organizations, hospitals, and medical schools through a wide set of optimization services. At the same time, the requested enhancement range calls for finding a truly reliable software development partner.

The greater demand for technological solutions in the medical sphere caused the appearance of narrow-specialized healthcare software development companies.

And here, the technologies can provide data to control financial KPIs, emergency analytics, and client behavior. With these parameters, the spending on healthcare software development companies becomes justified.

BookingXML has strong domain expertise for advising the right solutions to solve particular business challenges and avoid difficulties while delivering and deploying them. Find these and other answers to your questions by getting in touch with our healthcare experts.

And so, a high-end software development company always offers a comprehensive set of services for healthcare organizations — involving IT consulting, mobile/web development, cloud technologies, and IT outsourcing.

Healthcare software development companies mainly focus on task-oriented solutions — to provide the most accurate result and ensure client satisfaction. Nevertheless, the highest aim of any technological introduction is to establish an all-in-one healthcare ecosystem. 

While there is still a lot of uncertainty and challenges around the digital transformation in the Healthcare Industry, our expertise allows us to consider a variety of technologies, use cases, and solutions for a software consultancy.


3 types of service that healthcare software development companies offer:


Custom solutions — task-oriented software or a mobile solution designed specifically on the customer's request.

Healthcare apps — the mobile solutions for tracking and communication on health state,

Healthcare software — all the technologies aimed at assisting data management and improving the care quality,


Why Choose BookingXML for Healthcare App Development?


When you choose BookingXML as your preferred business partner, you get custom healthcare software development solutions.


Focus on usability & ease-of-use


  • Our experts make use of medical specialization-specific UI and UX for better understanding. Also, our software solutions have clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.


Innovation-driven development


  • Thanks to our proactive R&D approach, we can provide healthcare business-specific solutions that get the job done with the latest tools available like ML, big data, VR & AR, and artificial intelligence.


Effective Standards Compliance


  • We ensure that every software product fully complies with the required standards and regulations, including HITECH, HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM, and others to ensure its authenticity and reliability.


No Language & Timing Barrie


  • When you choose BookingXML as your healthcare app development company, you won’t face any language or timing barrier. We train our professionals so that they can effectively communicate with clients.


Healthcare Domain Knowledge


  • Our years of experience in healthcare software care solution helps us in providing customized & advanced level EHR, t analytics, and mHealth telehealth, solutions to foster convenience across your entire organization.


Complete Data Security and Privacy


  • Our data security experts help you ensure the full security of your precious data. We follow international standards to maintain the full security of your data. We also have permission systems to give users selective information access.


Benefits Of a Healthcare Software Solution For Your Business?


BookingXML, a prominent software solutions company globally, specializes in Healthcare software solutions. Our on-demand healthcare software package includes everything your company needs to succeed in the digital age. 

The healthcare business is constantly expanding, and with it comes an increase in the demand for software development. Our Healthcare software solution provides several advantages to your healthcare business. Some of the benefits include:

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Eases medical business management

  • Reduced paperwork

  • Improved communication

  • Easy access to medical data

  • Collaboration with specialists

  • Efficient patient management

  • Enhances patient’s outreach


Industries We Serve


Though we provide a wide range of applications, we specialize in,


Tours and Travels portal applications


  • Our developers understand the needs of the tourism industry. We provide technological solutions such as Travel-apps, E-booking, and others.


E-Commerce Application


  • We meet specific client requirements and empower them with e-commerce platforms. We create complex applications and enable a plethora of features from online stores to payment portals.


Financial applications


  • With our technical aid, we ensure operational efficiency in the financial sector. Apart from dedicated applications for banks and finances, we also provide payment solutions.


Health care applications


  • We provide customized and professional healthcare applications. Be it disease-check, medical billing system, fitness monitoring, or hospital management, our applications are cost-effective and scalable.


E-learning applications


  • We enable our clients to move beyond conventional education systems. Our E-learning applications are handy to both teachers and students at different levels.


Manufacturing Applications


  • We develop applications for the automation of manufacturing processes. With the application, get the benefit of streamlining the manufacturing of goods such as processing, assembly, inspection, etc.


Supply Chain Applications


  • Manage the flow of goods and services easily with our Supply Chain applications. Our tailored applications streamline business processes and aid you in keeping pace with the competitive market.


Retail Applications


  • BookingXML excels in developing retail applications for small and medium businesses. We provide cost-effective applications across industry verticals.


How Can BookingXML Help You Overcome the Greatest Challenge in a Software Development Project in Healthcare ?


BookingXML offers high-quality assistance in the design and development of various kinds of healthcare software. 

We empower companies and their workforce with cutting-edge transformative solutions and data-driven insights.

By referring to us, you can be sure the solution provided will serve you long, integrate into your digital ecosystem successfully, and manage the data accurately.

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