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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Travel Booking API – A Fully-Equipped Tool for Exceptional Travel Booking Experience

BookingXML offers the best Travel Booking API to revolutionize your travel business. Simplify & elevate the travel booking process with numerous excellent features.




Significance of Travel Booking API for the Travel Industry


Integration of travel APIs is required for travel entities who wish to succeed in today's digital world. Travel Booking API enables travel companies to deliver the best travel deals and content from worldwide tourism suppliers. 

APIs enable travel businesses to have real-time access to airline, hotel, transfer, and sightseeing content. Using the Travel API, they check availability and prices from multiple consolidators.  

As a result, agents, tour companies, and travel businesses can provide their consumers with the most relevant travel options.  

By accessing real-time data from multiple travel suppliers, automating processes, and providing a more personalized experience for customers, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and streamline operations.

By incorporating travel APIs, travel businesses can access real-time data from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other travel suppliers and provide their clients with accurate data on availability, pricing, and bookings.

One of the major advantages of travel API integration is that it allows businesses to provide their clients with a wider range of options. By integrating with multiple suppliers, a travel company can offer a broader selection of flights, hotels, and activities, allowing customers to choose the options that best suit their needs and preferences. This can assist boost client satisfaction and loyalty while also increasing revenue for the business.

Travel API integration also enables businesses to automate many of their processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Thus, by integrating with airline APIs, a travel agency can automatically check flight pricing, availability, and schedules and book flights for their customers without needing manual data entry. This can increase the overall efficiency of a business by streamlining the booking process, reducing the time it takes to complete a booking, and streamlining the booking process.

Another significant benefit of travel API integration is that it enables businesses to provide a more personalized experience to their clients. Companies can customize their offerings to each client's demands by acquiring data on consumer preferences and activities.

A hotel booking site, for example, could use client data to provide personalized options on hotels and activities in a particular area based on the customer's previous bookings and preferences. In conclusion, travel API integration is essential for travel businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Travel API integration will become essential for every successful travel company as the travel industry evolves and clients expect more choice and ease.


Why choose BookingXML for Travel Booking APIs?




We at BookingXML are pleased to introduce our new suite of travel APIs, built to simplify all the complicated necessities of a modern travel company.

BookingXML has established itself as a trusted partner for tour operators and travel agencies globally. Our Travel API allows you to connect to a vast network of flights, hotels, and car rentals, allowing you to provide your consumers with an array of options.

Whether you're a travel agency, tour operator, or travel website, our Travel API integration gives you what you need to provide a full booking platform to your consumers. Our API gives you access to a large portfolio of travel suppliers, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and travel deals.

Our Travel API is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. You can streamline the booking process by connecting our API to your systems, allowing travelers to easily book flights, hotels, and car rentals. The seamless connectivity guarantees that you can give real-time availability and affordable rates to your consumers, making their travel experience simple and delightful.

With our Travel API, you can stay ahead of the competition and unlock new possibilities in the ever-evolving travel industry. Our powerful booking engine, incorporated with our API, enables you to deliver unique travel experiences and secure the best deals for your customers. It's a comprehensive solution that provides you with the tools you need to flourish in a competitive market.

Discover the power of BookingXML's Travel API Provider. Access a comprehensive suite of travel content and services to enhance your travel business. Streamline bookings, enhance client experiences, and discover new possibilities. Experience our reliable and adaptable API solutions today.

BookingXML has integrated over 100 suppliers for clients all over the world, including GDSs, Bedbanks, LCCs, Activities, Transfers, and Car Rentals.

BookingXML is one of the world's leading travel API integration service providers. We provide travel API services for online travel booking and reservation systems, assuring the most competitive flight, hotel, bus, and car booking prices for all travel needs. 

We offer cost-effective and high-quality travel portal development solutions for small and medium-sized travel companies.

We at BookingXML provide a wide range of travel API integrations, including GDS providers and 3rd party travel API providers. Travel API integration gives you access to thousands of third-party travel inventories and offers.


List of Travel Booking APIs Integration services we offer:




Flight API


Flight APIs give travel companies access to flight deals provided by flight service providers and consolidators. Flight API allows airline, travel agency, and tour operator users to book roundtrip, one-way, multiple-city, and group flights across the world.  

Flight APIs are beneficial to both IATA and non-IATA agencies. In the case of IATA agents, flight API allows them to connect with worldwide GDS systems like Amadeus and Sabre.  

Non-IATA agents can provide flight booking on their websites by integrating APIs from various flight consolidators such as Mystifly and TBO Air.  

Globally, online travel agencies also leverage integrations with local low-cost carriers (LCC) through their APIs. This allows travel companies to engage directly with low-cost carriers (LCCs) to offer clients highly affordable tickets. Flight APIs have made flight booking real-time and dynamic. 

Integrating BookingXML's Flights API will provide several benefits such as a single window interface, global market coverage, quick and easy connectivity, seamless bulk booking flight tickets, and the cheapest fare. Also, BookingXML provides the highest commission and provides instant customer support to their valuable agents.

Are you a travel agent or travel company, searching for a Flight API Provider to set up a flight booking engine? Get the best fare rate and deal only on BookingXML.


Key benefits of our Flight API:


  • Global airline’s inventory

  • Earn High Commission

  • Real-time data

  • Easy flight booking

  • Single window interface

  • Domestic and International Flight Search

  • Easy integration

  • Multiple Flight Options, e.g., oneway

  • Flight booking in Real-time

  • Ticket Cancellation

  • Cheapest fares from LCCs and GDS airlines.


Hotel API


A hotel API allows you to search for and book rooms online. You can use these Hotel APIs to provide your customers with the best hotels to stay in, based on availability, and type of accommodations. Hotel room inventories are provided by several companies. You can connect to their APIs to get specific room information, book rooms, and cancel reservations. 
All online travel businesses that serve domestic as well as global consumers must have a large portfolio of hotels. This is accomplished by incorporating APIs from several hotel suppliers. Travel businesses can create a complete bouquet by adding APIs from recognized suppliers like Expedia and Booking.com and also adding specialty suppliers like Restel and Travco.  

Having several different suppliers helps travel businesses create a wide variety of choices for their customers. All of this is made easy and effective for travel businesses by hotel API.  

With the aid of BookingXML's Hotel booking API Integration, your consumers can search for, book, and pay for a hotel all on one platform (travel website of a travel agent), reducing the extra work of travel agents and making your website more user-friendly. It makes sure that your clients won't be redirected to another site and the payment will be collected by you.

The key features of BookingXML's Hotel booking API are as follows: users can search, book, and cancel their hotel reservations through an online travel portal, a user-friendly dashboard, a real-time system that is reliable and effective, and a simple and fast integration setup.


Key benefits of our Hotel API:


  • The Hotel API searches over 150,000 hotels worldwide for the best deals.

  • When a hotel is selected, the API displays the available rooms and pricing. The Hotel API contains three endpoints: the first discover the lowest available hotels in a given city, the second displays room and amenity data, and the third retrieves current room pricing.

  • The API provides a list of the cheapest hotels in a particular area, complete with detailed information about each hotel and the ability to filter by category, chain, facilities, or price range.

  • Our Hotel API combines our entire inventory into a single hotel booking engine, allowing you to provide your clients with the best possible pricing for accommodations on your website. With our Hotel API Integration, you can sell live hotel content via multiple online channels with ease.


Bus API 


Our Fast, Easy, and Flexible Bus APIs connect you directly to all the inventory required to build a travel website or app based on your needs. You get great Facilities on our Bus API Integration from anywhere in the world. It provides real-time related to the buses available on different routes. You can search for seat layouts, book tickets, cancel and generate reports for both reservations and cancellations. It is the simplest and most convenient way to book a bus.


Key benefits of our Bus API:


  • Instant Booking

  • 4500+ Bus routes

  • Best bus offers

  • All Category Buses Available

  • Inter and Intra States Connectivity


Transfer API


Transfer API enables your travel agent to provide ground transportation services. Your customers can book a transfer service to the hotel or the next flight once they reach their destination. For example, suppose you own a travel agency in India and one of your customers is visiting Dubai. To guarantee that your customers receive a hassle-free service, you must incorporate an API from a transfer provider into your website. It is essential to have access to Transfer API providers who can assist you in providing services all over the world.  


Car Rental API


Car Rental APIs allow travel companies to book rental cars and process bookings online. Travel companies that have customers across the globe can benefit by having a car rental API that allows them to provide easy car rental options. This is made possible by integrating direct APIs from major car rental service providers like Carnect, Europcar, or Hertz. They provide APIs that can be integrated into the travel agency's portal.  

Travel agents can book cars for customers from whichever city they are by fetching from the inventory. Car rental APIs allow travel companies to create travel packages that incorporate car rentals.  


Tour and Packages API


Tours, excursions, and sightseeing are essential components of travel and tourism. Customers love a good travel deal or a package that is built to provide an exciting experience. With Tours and Package API Integration, you can provide this to your consumers effortlessly.
For example, suppose you have a consumer who wants to fly to Sydney, Australia, but your agency is in Mumbai. Your consumers will be able to view all information about trip packages on your travel company's website using travel API. The content and inventory for all these packages are obtained by integrating with tours and packages API. Your consumer can plan and choose the deals they want, as well as browse the content that is easily available to make an informed choice.

These APIs help travel agencies provide exciting prepackaged travel deals apart from hotel, flight, and transfer services. Customers can access tours and packages in real-time, which allows you to offer travelers better and more enticing deals.  


Unlock the Power of our Extensive Leisure Travel Supplier Integration


Expand your reach and connect to the world by utilizing our extensive supplier network, which includes air travel, hotels, cruise lines, payment services, and ancillaries.

We provide access to an amazing selection of hotel inventory by collaborating with major hotel providers such as Hotelbeds, Expedia, Stuba, TBO, Getabed, Bonotel, and many others. 

Furthermore, we provide Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus support, ensuring seamless integration with global distribution systems

Our extensive supplier network includes renowned names such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, MSC, Princess, Virgin Voyages, and many others. These industry-leading cruise lines provide a diverse selection of options and services.

With our extensive supplier network, your travel business can easily provide an array of travel services, allowing you to respond to your client's specific needs and improve their entire travel experience.


Unlock New Opportunities as a Tour Operator with Our API Integration


Are you a tour operator looking to expand your reach and partner with third-party technology companies? Our API serves as your gateway, providing intuitive access to your inventory for these external partners. The best part is that our API is consistent across all BookingXML customers. This implies that any third party that has linked our API to another business will be able to support your inventory with ease.


Increase Sales by Expanding Your Distribution Network


With our API integration, you can expand your distribution network and open doors to new sales channels. By offering third-party technology companies easy access to your inventory, you enhance your market visibility and increase the chances of securing bookings from a wider customer base. Our API acts as a catalyst for growth, enabling you to tap into new opportunities and maximize your revenue potential.


Empower Your Trade Partners with Advanced Capabilities


By integrating our travel API, you enable your business partners to search for real-time availability, access your detailed content and descriptions, and book using credit cards or on the account. This streamlined process ensures seamless cooperation and efficient transactions between your tour operation and the technology companies accessing your inventory through our API.


Seize the Benefits of API Integration Today


Don't miss out on the incredible benefits that our API integration can offer to your tour operator business. Discover the options and open the door to a world of seamless interaction and partnership with third-party technology companies. Embrace our API solution for easier operations, more bookings, and faster growth.


Unlock the Power of BookingXML’s API Integration for Travel Agents


We at BookingXML truly believe that your booking and customer data are entirely yours. We appreciate your independence, which is why our API gives you complete access to this data. 

With our API integration, you can seamlessly sync your data with external systems, retrieve data, and generate your reports. You also have the flexibility to add new booking data from sales made through other channels. If you currently manage your website on your own, our travel API allows you to easily add live pricing and booking features.


Experience the Power of BookingXML’s API Integration


Don’t miss out on the benefits that BookingXML's travel API integration can bring to your travel agency. Take control of your data, enhance your processes, and give your clients an excellent booking experience. Explore our API solutions today to see how you can use our API to propel your business to new heights.


Embrace Flexibility and Expand Your Offerings


Our API connectivity enables greater flexibility and expansion. Using our travel API allows you to easily add live pricing and booking functionality. This means you can provide your clients with a dynamic and complete booking experience, ensuring they have access to real-time price information and the ability to make bookings seamlessly.


Take Control of Your Data and Enhance Your Operations


With our travel API, you are in control of your data. You have the power to integrate it with external systems, allowing for a seamless flow of information and empowering you to make data-driven decisions. By accessing real-time pricing and booking capabilities through our API, you can enhance your website, improve customer experiences, and drive sales growth.

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