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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Hotel Website Booking Engine - Drive Direct Bookings Through Your Own Hotel’s Website

BookingXML is a leading Hotel Website Booking Engine provider; that offers easy, intuitive & integrated user experience for maximizing bookings on your hotel website.




Online Booking System:


An online booking system is a piece of software used for reservation management. It allows travel and hospitality businesses to accept bookings online and manage mobile and personal bookings in a better way. Оnlіnе bооkіng ѕуѕtеmѕ offers all fеаturеѕ оf ѕеlf-ѕеrvісе роrtаlѕ. User’s bооk ѕеrvісеѕ depends on the ореn dаtеѕ ѕuggеѕtеd bу thе ѕуѕtеm.

Online booking and reservation system can be quickly integrated into your website or even social media page. Customers quick visit your site, choose the service they would like to book, and fill out a booking form. After that, they pay via a payment gateway which transfers the payment to you. The whole process takes just a few minutes for the first time booking and even less for repeat bookings.

The systems update all changes in information and schedule and follow them in real time so that both you and your customers see it. All information is securely stored and protected by encryption and SSL security protocol.

The uses of online booking systems are various. Mainly, if your business involves booking of any kind, it can benefit from the online booking software. Travel operators and the hospitality industry are the most popular users of online booking platforms. But they are also utilizing in property rental, holiday activity portals, all sorts of classes and trainings, transportation services, and so on.


What Is Hotel Booking System?


Hotel booking system is a favorable way for travelers to research and book their holidays or work trips. Along with bookings, you can browse travel websites and look for hotels, flights, car rental, guided tours, attractions, and more…

Using an online booking engine, travelers can quickly make a reservation and organize an entire trip in one sitting. Therefore, this simple booking system streams the process for you and your guests. It’s also vital for increasing exposure and gets you on the road to more bookings!

An online booking system clarifies the booking process for you and your customers by automating such operations as getting customer details, updating booking information, payment, scheduling, and many others. 

It helps to retain customers on your website since they can see available options and book the one, they required without switching between numerous pages and services and without the need to make phone calls. Ѕо, іf уоu, require tо take аdvаntаgе оf thе mоdеrn way of doing travel and hospitality business, іntеgrаting an online booking system wіth уоur website іѕ а muѕt. 

For example, hotel booking system will display your rates and availability in real-time. In that case, guests can select their dates and finalize the reservation. Other features will come with real-time data travel spend, track travelers online and enforce the business policy.


The most essential features you need while development to create a booking website effectively:




Booking engine being a key part of your website provides a flawless user-experience to a potential client, allows to reserve services for upcoming vacation easily, provides a flawless user-experience to a potential customer, permits to reserve services for upcoming vacation easily, helps to drive bookings online, so any hotel website is incomplete without it.


Key Benefits to look for in a hotel booking engine for website:


1. Predictive search with filters and widgets:


The process of finding an ideal destination is easier by applying the predictive search with a drop-down list of destinations or hotels that are changing as the user adds more characters to the search input. 

Offer the results based on your choice after specifying your budget, facilities you expect, stars number, a lodging type (such as villa, hotel, resorts) filters and widgets help. Viewing the available results and picking up the listing that interests you the most.


2. Visual calendar is available:


A visual calendar allows displaying reservations in a particular period of time. It is an easy way for managers to plan additional destinations and refreshments, to verify if the booking is possible and available on the desired dates for the visitors.


3. Quick and easy checkouts:


Offering a short form for your guests to be filled out when they are ready to reserve. Completing reservation, or payment process without being redirected. Creating bright, simple, easy-to-use “Book Now” button allowing to facilitate specials and packages faster.


4. Mobile app feature:


Bookings within mobile are growing steadily, so a hotel booking application is preferred to be embedded into websites in order users can download and install it, get access to booking engine features within their device.


5. Currency and Language Settings:


Content should be displayed in different languages to provide more information about services, offers, and currencies should be accommodated to make the payment simpler.


6. Ability to connect with social networking sites:


Booking engine for hotels must be integrated with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, etc. It allows users to book with you in a convenient way.


7. Secure online payment process:


Chances to get confirmed reservations to increase with implemented payment gateway. It enhances validity, demonstrates client privacy and security, and allows to get guaranteed instant payments.


8. Search through maps:


It is helpful to see available holidays laid out on a map, especially one that is fully interactive and lets you see the destination details selected with an image you are more interested in.


9. Cancellation service, clear refund terms:


Cancellation feature works favorably for most hotel websites. Users appreciate it when they are permitted to book with the assurance that they can cancel it. However, the cancellation time period can be always specified.


10. Favourites list:


If you haven’t settled on a destination yet, a favourites list is a very helpful tool which allows you to remember the places that briefly took your fancy earlier while searching.


BookingXML Hotel Website Development Company: Responsive Website with Booking Engine:




Whether you run a small or large hotel or guesthouse, choosing the right hotel booking software will help you attract more customers. 

BookingXML provides Hotel Booking Software, Hotel Booking System, and Hotel Booking Website to tour operators, travel agencies, and travel companies globally. Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts who help to build software solutions, robust applications for any business need. Our developers collaborate to understand the business requirements for creating software products, applications to implement digital solution to boost business and get more profit.

The online booking system aim is to be reserved with ease, to be managed in a simple way. It is very crucial to survive in the hotel business growth by implementing organized, comprehensive, functional online system for bookings that lets users from all over the globe to reserve services, to assure that highlighted above features for better interaction for both you and your tourists are considered.

Hotel reservation software can be purchased and installed on computers that are part of the network. Hotel booking software must be able to support multiple computers on a network. It also must support TCP / IP to make web-based bookings easier. It should be user friendly with a GUI interface.

You can easily book a room with BookingXML Best Travel Booking Software. Hotel booking software automatically updates booking status with every booking. The available rooms are displayed at the push of a button. You can also check the addresses of customers who are staying at the hotel to verify this.

With hotel booking software, hotels can save more than one customer preference. You can also send an email to these customers to let them know about discounted offers for your next visit. This way you can retain regular customers and improve your hotel business.

With web-based hotel bookings, customers can book rooms comfortably from home or from the office according to their travel plans. You can also offer discounts for these orders and attract more customers. This option is suitable for customers who continue to make official visits for several days. The web-based ordering software attracts many customers from all over the country or around the world.


What benefits should you expect from a booking system?


A quality solution – one flexible enough to account for all customer desires – brings a range of benefits to you, including:


Less work for the front office:


When guests book their own stays, the reservation simply pops into your system with all details intact, so all you have to do is get ready for their arrival when the time comes. 

This allows your reception staff more time to tend to their other tasks.


Decrease chances of losing or mucking up a reservation:


Human fallibility is a very less significant factor when guests put in their dates and specifications themselves. That way, if something goes wrong, you have the data to prove it’s no fault of your business. You can still offer them with a solution, but your reputation is protected.


Easily gathered data:


An online booking system feeds a lot of amount of guest data right into your system: how many guests are travelling, when they come, what amenities they prefer, where they live, and so forth. That’s very useful for you to know, and will help you improve both customer service and marketing.


Simpler administration of rewards:


Guest loyalty programs work and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not using them. A good booking system allows you to keep track of customer stays and reward them accordingly, keeping them around for the long haul.

At the end of the day, a hotel reservation system is a helping hand you require to keep your occupancy up, even during the slow times, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

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