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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Hotel and Flight API - Building a One-Stop-Shop for Travel Experience

Get BookingXML’s Hotel and Flight API into your software portal and get the highest commission for flight, hotel, car, train, and bus ticket bookings.


Why Hotel and Flight API Integration Services is important for the travel and tourism business?


Flight + Hotel API integration is necessary for travel businesses that want to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Flight and hotel booking services are the significant services that travel agencies provide these days. It simplifies the lives of travelers.

Modern travelers prefer flight and hotel booking APIs, which allow them to book their trips with cheap flight tickets and hotel rooms instantaneously.

By obtaining real-time data from numerous travel suppliers, automating procedures, and providing a more personalized experience for clients, businesses can boost customer happiness, increase revenue, and streamline operations. 

If you are looking for a flight and hotel booking API from a trusted platform, check out the one integrated by BookingXML. We provide a full range of travel solutions, from custom-built Travel APIs to white-label travel portals at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Integrating BookingXML's airline and hotel API will provide several benefits such as a single window interface, worldwide market coverage, quick and easy connectivity, seamless bulk booking flight tickets, and the lowest rate. Also, we offer the highest commission and provide instant customer support to our clients.


Why BookingXML is considered the best API Integration company?


BookingXML is one of the best flight and hotel booking API providers, enabling travel businesses to thrive by offering the best travel services in terms of booking, transactions, cancellations, and so on. Flight and Hotel booking API services are a one-stop travel technology solution for the tourism industry.

As a leading travel technology company, we specialize in offering dynamic flight + hotel booking engine solutions to help businesses automate bookings, access global inventory, and boost revenue.

Our Flight and Hotel API collects data from many airlines and hotels that include a Global Distribution System. Even if you search for a specific API for hotel and flight, BookingXML has you covered.

Aggregation of hotels and flights from across the world, resulting in a universal API integration for travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel service providers. Using our adapted Hotel + Flight API, we give travelers options to choose from several flights and hotels.

We provide a Flight + Hotel API solution built with cutting-edge technology to provide customized travel itineraries at reasonable pricing. We highly admit that the latest technology implementation offers our clients the flexibility to provide a customized holiday to travelers.

We ease travelers' queries regarding business policies by providing a user-friendly platform. With our innovative booking solution, we empower OTAs and tour operators to get a dynamic website.

Flight Hotel Packages API integration allows travelers to plan their journey using a customized itinerary option. Offering clients what they want builds trust between the service provider and the traveler.

Our Flight Hotel Packages API provides a platform for obtaining price quotes from hotel and airline suppliers all around the world. We offer you the option to merge different travel services in one package.

Our Flight+Hotel API offers your consumers an effective platform with simple navigation. We make booking hotels and flights easy using our API. It also saves time and money.

In addition, our Flight and Hotel API solution provides an option to develop an instant packaging system for all parties. Hotel +Flight API integration fetches data from GDSs, aggregators, consolidators, LCCs, and hotels and merges them to get a business solution. We support it by offering robust Flight Hotel Packages API integration services.


Integrate BookingXML’s Flight and Hotel Booking API and Start Earning Enormously


At BookingXML, our dedicated team integrates Flight + Hotel API solutions that enable travel agents and travelers to select from an array of services and combine them into a single package. It enables travel companies to offer products through a single platform rather than through several supplier channels. Now you are just a few clicks away from generating coupons, invoices, customized packages, etc.

By implementing Flight Hotel Packages API, our clients are in a position to offer a perfect holiday to travelers. Furthermore, it builds trust between both parties. Our Hotel + Flight API, which is built with cutting-edge technology, analyses consumer input and reflects data accurately.

Our solution empowers hotels to market their product and services as rooms left, addresses, things to do, and ancillary services through one platform.

This allows hotels to get to know their customers better and adapt their offerings accordingly. Similarly, airlines can provide tickets and related services via travel agents by integrating an API into their travel booking system. Most clients prefer to create their packages rather than rely on pre-planned packages from travel companies.

Our Flight +Hotel API integration services assist them in gathering data from multiple sources. Everything on a single platform brought ease to the life of travelers. Also, it offers simple management to travel service providers.

Whether you are a travel service provider, travel company, travel agency, or customer, travel API integration benefits all. Booking airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages is now easy.

The Flight Hotel Booking API, when incorporated with your online travel booking software, connects you to the worldwide travel industry and gives a great chance for your travel business to flourish.

BookingXML can easily integrate airline and hotel booking engines into your travel website. This allows you to significantly expand your offerings, which aids in the growth and revenue of your organization. Our comprehensive hotel and travel API helps travel companies BOOST their revenue, expand sales, save costs, and reach clients effectively throughout the world.


Why choose Flight+Hotel API from BookingXML?


A Team of Experts


A team of certified API developers with knowledge and skill work behind the scenes to develop customized solutions. The team also offers integration support to the clients. It guarantees that the flight and hotel APIs can be integrated into the existing website. It allows your consumers to log in to the site and complete the real-time booking.


Value For Money


This API can provide enormous returns on investment. You get a commission on flights and hotel bookings. When a consumer books a flight or a hotel room, you will be paid a commission. Customers that use the API to book, cancel, check amenities, confirm availability and other services could assist you earn an extra commission.


Chance of Global Expansion


Using the API from the BookingXML experts, you get a chance to expand the business globally. The trusted and reliable online booking platform integrates easily into the website to attract more clients.


Optimized APIs


The APIs provide an intuitive interface to users as it gets optimized and updated to maximize bookings. It provides you the potential to earn a high commission for the service employed through the APIs. Using it more frequently will result in a higher commission.


Competitive Pricing


BookingXML is the leading flight and hotel booking API provider that develops solutions utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology. The sophisticated APIs remain available to clients at competitive rates. It guarantees that consumers get quality service.


Who can benefit from implementing Hotel and Flight API?


Implementing a Hotel and Flight API can benefit various entities within the travel industry:

Travel agencies: Integrating a Hotel and Flight API can help travel agencies enhance their service offerings. It enables them to access a large selection of hotel and flight options, offer their clients real-time availability and pricing, streamlines the booking process, and provide personalized recommendations based on customer preferences. The API integration enables travel agencies to deliver comprehensive travel options while additionally enhancing client satisfaction.

Online travel agencies (OTAs): OTAs can utilize Hotel and Flight APIs to enhance their inventory and provide their consumers with a wider range of hotels and flights. The API interface provides OTAs with real-time availability and price data, allowing them to provide accurate and up-to-date content. It simplifies the booking process, improves customer experience, and assists OTAs to stay competitive in the online travel industry.

Travel management companies (TMCs): TMCs specialize in managing corporate travel for businesses. Integrating a Hotel and Flight API allows TMCs to provide a broad selection of hotel and flight booking options, access negotiated corporate prices, manage travel regulations, and improve the booking process for their corporate clients. The API integration enhances TMCs' ability to provide cost-effective and efficient travel management services.

Hotel chains: Implementing a Hotel and Flight API can assist hotel operators boost their visibility and reach through numerous distribution channels. The API integration allows hotel chains to make their inventory available to a larger audience, including travel agencies, OTAs, and other travel businesses. It makes it easier to update availability and price information across many platforms, assuring consistency and accuracy in bookings.

Airlines: Airlines can utilize Hotel and Flight APIs to provide their customers with integrated travel options. By integrating the API, Airlines can provide access to a wide selection of hotel options, offer bundled flight and hotel packages, and facilitate seamless bookings. This enhances the overall travel experience for its consumers while also assisting airlines in generating additional revenue resources.

Tour companies: Implementing a Hotel and Flight API can help tour companies improve their package offerings. The API integration allows them to easily include flights and hotel accommodations in their tour packages, provide real-time availability and pricing data, and streamline the booking process. This allows tour companies to provide complete vacation packages while enhancing operational efficiency.

Travel startups: For startups entering the travel industry, integrating a Hotel and Flight API can provide an edge by offering a wide range of inventory options and streamlining the booking process. It enables startups to quickly establish their presence in the market and compete with established players by providing complete travel solutions and personalized experiences.


Key features of Hotel and Flight API:


  • Search and availability: The API enables developers to search for available hotels and flights based on a range of factors like location, dates, occupancy, flight routes, and preferences. It gives real-time availability information for hotels and flights that meet the search parameters.

  • Pricing and rates: Hotel and Flight APIs provide access to pricing details, including rates, taxes, fees, and any applicable discounts or promotions. This data assists travel companies in providing accurate and up-to-date prices to their clients.

  • Booking and reservation management: The API allows travel companies to initiate bookings and manage reservations directly through their systems. This involves functions like creating new bookings, modifying existing reservations, canceling bookings, and retrieving booking confirmations or vouchers.

  • Content and descriptions: Hotel and Flight APIs offer access to rich content and descriptions of hotels, including details about rooms, amenities, photos, and location information. Similarly, for flights, the API provides information about carriers, flight numbers, departure and arrival times, layovers, and other relevant flight details.

  • Ancillary services integration: Hotel and Flight APIs often support the integration of ancillary services such as car rentals, airport transfers, or travel insurance. This enables travel companies to deliver full trip packages and provide additional services to their customers.

  • Integration of numerous suppliers: Hotel and flight APIs allow for the integration of multiple suppliers, such as global distribution systems (GDS), OTAs, aggregators, and hotel chains. This provides a diverse inventory and enhances the chances of finding suitable accommodations and flights for customers.

  • Data synchronization and real-time updates: The API ensures data synchronization and real-time updates between the travel business's system and the hotel and flight inventory. This guarantees that availability, price, and booking information is accurate and up to date.

  • Security and authentication: Hotel and Flight APIs frequently include security measures and authentication protocols to protect sensitive customer data during the booking process. This promotes safe transactions and builds consumer trust.


Key benefits of Hotel and Flight API:


  • Access to a large inventory: Hotel and flight APIs allow access to a large inventory of hotels and flights from a range of sources, including GDS, OTAs, hotel chains, and travel aggregators. This enables travel companies to provide a diverse selection of options to their consumers, increasing the chance of getting suitable accommodations and flights.

  • Real-time availability and pricing: APIs provide up-to-date information on hotel and flight accessibility, rates, and promotions. Travel companies can provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date information, maintaining transparency and preventing errors that may occur with manual updates.

  • Seamless booking process: Hotel and Flight APIs allow customers to search for and book hotels and flights directly through the travel business's website or application. This simplifies the booking process and gives a one-stop-shop for clients, eliminating the need for them to visit various websites or platforms.

  • Customization and personalization: APIs enable travel companies to customize search criteria and filters based on their individual needs and client preferences. This personalization enhances the user experience by displaying relevant options that align with consumer preferences, such as location, amenities, airline preferences, or flight class.

  • Integration with existing systems: Hotel and Flight APIs can be seamlessly incorporated with the travel business's existing systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, or reporting systems. This interface encourages continuous data flow, increases operational efficiency, and enables centralized booking and customer information management.

  • Partner collaborations: APIs facilitate collaborations with various hotel chains, airlines, or travel service providers. By integrating their APIs, travel businesses can establish partnerships, access preferred rates or inventory, and offer exclusive deals or packages to their clients.

  • Data analytics and reporting: Hotel and flight APIs frequently include reporting and analytics features that help travel companies get insights into consumer booking trends, preferences, and overall performance. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making, and marketing strategies, and enhances client satisfaction.

  • Effective inventory management: By integrating with Hotel and Flight APIs, travel businesses can streamline their inventory management processes. The API guarantees that hotel and flight availability is updated in real-time, decreasing the possibility of overbooking or inaccurate details. This automation saves time and effort for the travel business while also improving operational efficiency.

  • Competitive advantage: The integration of Hotel and Flight APIs gives travel businesses a competitive edge in the industry. They can offer a wider range of options, competitive pricing, and personalized experiences to their customers, enhancing their brand value and attracting more customers.

So, if you're interested in incorporating Hotel+Flight API into your travel booking engine, get in touch with BookingXML!

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