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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Robust Event & Ticket Booking App Development Services & Solutions

We developed an intuitive mobile app for online event ticket reservations for a web-based customer. The app provided simple search & book to clients and robust management to admin.




An event ticket booking platform that offers the client complete control over the slot reservation function enhancing convenience to manage the booking process end-to-end. 

Event & Ticketing apps smooth out the passage cycle for the event. These apps save your valuable time, provide regular updates of events happening near you, and notify schedule updates of events. 

The platform provided an interactive and easy way to search and book tickets for the next-gen customers. We developed a highly efficient and convenient ticketing option to accept reservations online and remotely manage bookings for activities, events, and tours.

Along with rendering smooth event participation, event updates, these apps also help as a doubt clearance regarding time, place & other information of any official & other events.

Every event needs an incredible mobile app that drives much engagement to the event. Make an event app and pass on the force of the world's best event app platform to your conference, celebrations, or meeting. 

Nowadays, online ticket booking is the trend of this media world. Today the majority of the population book tickets online and look forwards to the internet for offering them advanced solutions.

BookingXML, one of the leading IT Solution, offers enterprises that have given visionary and out-of-the-expectation solutions that gave the event companies the necessary technical push they required. 

Thus, by creating the latest solutions that see to their event marketing and ticket managing we have entertained our clients finest of Ticketing Solutions that have supported them big time in speeding up their brand value.


Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Company


BookingXML is the top event app development company that assembles all components of the event area. We treat each event app as the augmentation of the brand picture. We offer a component-rich Event services app to members at events of any size.

BookingXML builds an excellent app that allows hassle-free communication, seamless interaction, and improved networking at events and conferences. From planning an event to its execution, a mobile app simplifies all the stages involved in organizing it. With an app, you can instantly reach out to planners, sponsorers, exhibitors, attendees, and conference speakers. 

As Event & ticket Booking app development ought to be completed from the most popular and driving Mobile App Development Company, BookingXML possesses event mobile app developers who know that it is imperative to offer a pleasing event experience at your fingertips. 

The overall app experience of users including entrance to events and program scheduling or relevant updates gets a lot simpler than before. 

This arrangement and the presence of abilities to prepare the entire event experience is the thing that has caused us to turn into the top Event App Development Agency.

Hire an event booking mobile app developer to offer a hi-tech experience to attract a maximum number of customers. With a powerful app, you can attract many sponsors to enhance online brand visibility. 

Are you looking for an outstanding event app solution for your business? Hire our dedicated developer to build an event app for Android and iOS platforms. With years of experience in the event booking mobile app development industry, we customize top-notch solutions suited to your precise requirements. 

BookingXML is a pioneering event management app development company mobilizing all aspects of the event industry. We consider every event and ticket booking app as an extension of your brand image. 

Being one of the leading event app development companies, we are efficient in building feature-rich and scalable service apps exclusively to meet your demand.

We have got skills and expertise to build an event booking app that can function smoothly on all sorts of platforms. Your event, regardless of its size, structure, and planning, demands an enriching mobile app. 

We have a qualified team of event mobile app developers to understand the importance of offering an enjoyable event experience. Therefore, we bring high-end event app development solutions to your fingertips.

  • Real-time Reporting & Tracking

  • Web & Mobile Booking

  • Online Registration System

  • CRM Application Development

  • POS Software

  • Ticket Management System

  • Event Web Applications

  • E-Ticketing Solutions

  • Venue/ Coupon/ Category Management


Our Services


We have a medium led by the newest trends that allow us to offer unique services that help business owners to grow and reach a wider audience.


E-ticket Management


  • Upper ticket management systems have well-designed themes and appeal that allow users to quickly book tickets without going through any lengthy processes.


Ticket booking system


  • Our ticket booking services help the users to log in to the application with suitable credentials and quickly access the ticket interface. They can go through a list of available tickets and select the preferred ones.


Channel management


  • Channel Management Service in our e-ticketing portal development helps the business owners to receive the event booking notification from various channels based upon the time slot availability.


Visual calendar


  • Visual calendar integration services enable users to plan their events at a regular interval. This helped the business owners to keep a track of their bookings and cancellations along with the time slot reservation.


Email automation


  • Our online ticket booking application entails the customers in notifying them regarding the event bookings, payment gateways, user requests, and other information.


Benefits Provided by Event Ticket Booking Mobile Apps




Right from handling the entire business procedure to improving the user convenience and experience, event booking apps are having good control over the industry. Not only users, even it seems beneficial for event organizers as well.

Above, we have already provided the stats that show the increasing popularity of event booking apps and how fast businesses are adopting these mobile app solutions for their users. Let’s have a look at the benefits offered by ticket booking apps:


Benefits for Event Organizers 


Here are the benefits are given to the event organizers through event management and ticket booking app, have a look:


Fast Payment Processing


  • Integrate third-party payment modes into your ticket booking app development services to get paid online from customers. Getting advanced payment will help the organizers to have a large base of audiences.


Easy Management 


  • Record of available & booked seats, reservations, and many more will help the event organizers to easily manage their calendar and booking dates. They can also check the venue availability and can schedule the other tasks based on this.


More Audiences


  • Gone are the days when auditoriums used to be empty and quiet. If users have booked tickets through the app, they will come for sure. And even if they don’t, then there will be an applied cancellation fee on them, and event organizers still would get benefits through it as they can open the seat for other users to book.


No Occupancy on Phone


  • Although, the whole process will be done on the phone, from the user’s side that too just for 2-3 minutes. Here, the occupancy of the organizer on the phone has ended. They don’t have to tell everything on the phone to customers as they can update all things on the app and users can book the tickets via the app as well rather than calling the organizer.


Real-time Business Insights


  • Every booking, payment, event, or show, everything that will be on the event mobile app will help in having a better perspective towards the user’s preferences. The organizer can also have better ideas through it.


24*7 Services


  • Even if your business has opening and closing times, it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile solution as users can use the app anywhere anytime to book tickets. Users can also get event details and timings just by a few clicks that indicate that your business is active day and night.


Benefits for App Users


Below, we have also provided some of the benefits held by users of the event ticket booking mobile app. Get to know about them:


Flexible Services


  • Neither organizers nor users must stick to the phone for knowing the event details or booking the tickets for the events. The Event management app development company you will hire will provide you with a mobile app solution that can offer flexible services to your users and will be convenient for the organizers as well.


Easy Payment 


  • Users don’t have to carry cash with them as they can do the payment fast and easily via the app. They can use any third-party payment system integrated with the app or any other payment app they are comfortable with. It will also save the time of users.


Event Details


  • Customers don’t have to bother the event organizers repeatedly to know about the event details such as event timings, event date, event place, and more. They can know all these with just a few clicks on the app.


Reduced Pricing 


  • It has less pricing to book tickets online rather than buying them offline, be it any sports event, movie show, entertaining show, or others. Users can get a discount if they are new to the app or have a discount coupon code. They can also save their money by reserving the seats at the cheapest prices.


How to Monetize Event Ticket Booking Apps?


Businesses prepare the revenue model or monetization strategies earlier before developing the mobile solution. The below points will help you to know about the monetization strategies applied by event booking apps, check them:


Special Screening


  • Some Ticket booking app solutions also have the option of special screening for their users, but they must pay additional charges for this. It has become a huge source of revenue for event apps.


Third-Party Ads


  • Showing or displaying the ads of another business is the most popular way of earning money by mobile app solutions. These ads are paid and help to increase the event booking app revenue.


Feature Coverage 


  • Event booking apps also allow specific events to feature on the top of their homepage by paying a certain amount. These charges are high and a good way to earn extra revenue.


Amount Per Ticket


  • The more tickets will be booked by users; the more profit event organizers will earn. A fixed amount is charged and given to the event organizers whenever a ticket is booked or reserved.


Mobile Apps Spanning A Range Of Industries


Always keep in mind to consider BookingXML if you ever come down to build an application as it is the best suitable match for you. Our team majors in providing an exclusive wide range of industry verticals and niches. 

We understand every company’s troubles thoroughly and are therefore geared towards the flourishing success of your products. We offer all possible techniques and equipment including advanced App Development Solutions for all of your development needs. 

  • B2B/B2C Portal

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Banking & Finance

  • Education & eLearning

  • Real Estate & Property

  • Food & Beverage

  • Social Networking

  • Construction

  • Entertainment & Media

  • Healthcare & Fitness


Innovative Event App Development Features




Our event apps serve as the key aspect for event attendees while offering an amazing experience for the end-users. Our revolutionary suite of event app development services makes us a leading ticket booking app development company. 

We ensure the networking of the event attendees with their peers while adopting gamification as the mode to drive maximum engagement.


Event search


  • Users can go through the list of events by performing the event search functionality. We enable users to perform event search through event category, name, venue & location, ratings, timings, and prices.


Ticket booking


  • Our innovative event apps feature the ease of signing up and booking event tickets in advance. Our ticket booking application allows attendees to select the respective taste and place an order for a fixed number of tickets through digital payment.


Event creation


  • Our event apps leverage the best-in-class features including event creation and execution for the ease of the attendees. We allow event managers to create innovative events with the help of the app’s features and functionalities.


Event calendar


  • This feature turns out to be useful to the end-users. Users can easily manage event calendars with the help of customized features. As such, users can maintain track of the respective schedules while being prepared in advance.


Photo sharing


  • For making our apps highly interactive, we integrate visual media as well. You can select and share event photographs of your choice related to the venue, staff, event details, and ambiance.


GPS Capability


  • Before the attendees enter the home screen, they can select the location from the list of available places manually or through the GPS feature automatically. Once the location is selected through GPS, the user can navigate to the home screen.




  • Our revolutionary event apps come with the in-app messaging integration feature to enhance the overall user experience. You can send messages to the attendees regarding event timings, the date of the event, and any modifications.


Push notification


  • In our innovative event apps, the admins can easily send push notifications to the end-users for informing them about specific event information like new offers, show timings, updates, and the latest news.


In-app analytics


  • In-app analytic integration solutions allow you to analyze the overall competition to enhance the performance of your apps. We deliver in-app event data to improve app performance.




  • We leverage the functionality of the chatbot integration feature for assisting the attendees to get all answers about events and ticket booking. Our chatbot integration delivers a personalized experience to the attendees.


In-app payment


  • Based on the taste and selection of the event, attendees can place the order for the number of tickets by paying for the same through us in-app payment system. Our apps support multiple payment gateways to ensure easy and secure payments.


Event Ticket Booking App Development Cost- Factors Determining the Cost of Ticket Booking Apps


  • App platform

  • App UI/UX Design

  • Features Integration

  • Mobile wallet integration 

  • App developers

Online ticket booking apps usually have a vast volume of data, images, and videos generated by the user. The development cost of the Event ticket booking app depends largely on the features and functionality to be included in the app. 


Why Choose BookingXML’s Event Ticket Mobile App Development?


Our Online event ticket solutions have transformed various event Management and ticketing businesses based upon their specific requirements.


Competitive services


  • Our ticket booking applications are available to the customers at competitive prices and allow them to select the entire app layout without making huge investments. We have also integrated advanced event organizing measures in our application so that the organizers can have detailed accounts of the performers and other individuals.


Real-time business insights


  • With our ticket booking application, we allowed the event organizing company to have a direct perspective about the event attendees, respective tickets, and time slots. It helps them have an understanding of their ticket booking Business.


Easy to manage calendar


  • For any event application, scheduling, booking, and reservation are the crucial factors and we offer a transparent and easy to manage calendar in our application solutions. It helped the business to get an overview of the reservations and bookings made by the event attendees and they can streamline the whole event as per their desire.


24/7 customer service


  • Across any Event Ticket Booking, App Development solution, ticket booking or timing days do not work, in fact, the reservations can be made on any day. We offer uninterrupted customer service through our event applications so that interested attendees can get access to our services without any inconvenience.


Maximizing reservation


  • The event business owners can use event booking and ticketing services to maximize their brand visibility and revenue. We offer an easy reservation interface to the customers and update the same frequency so that the available seats can be used to their fullest. This helps to eliminate the chances of late cancellations.

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