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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

Corporate Self Booking Tool - Good for Business. Good for Travelers. Everybody Wins.

BookingXML provides the best Corporate Travel Booking Engine where everybody wins. Scale up your travel business by availing of our Corporate Self Booking Tool.




What is corporate travel booking system?


Corporate travel booking refers to a tool meant to help small and mid-sized businesses arrange their business travel in a cost-effective manner. A corporate travel booking tool is a web-based tool that allows business travelers to book low-cost flights and accommodations for their business trips.

This majorly integrates all kinds of inventory required for regular travelers at corporate fares. Corporate booking systems can assist organizations with revenue management, time management, and convenience management.

 It is designed specifically for companies and their employees to simplify the booking process of business trips while adhering to corporate travel policies and guidelines.
The primary reason organizations engage in corporate travel booking solutions is to maximize the efficiency of their travel operation. Such tools assist to automate the booking process, ensure maximum policy compliance, offer huge cost savings, and give travelers a smooth experience.

They now have greater control over their visits, and their travel expenses have been lowered by up to 30%. As a result, companies can focus on their core competencies for faster growth.

Corporate travel booking software can assist you in streamlining your corporate travel management process. As a result, you must invest in an innovative corporate booking platform to guarantee that employees and travel managers have access to cutting-edge features.

Investing in corporate travel booking software can assist your corporate travel management organization become more efficient. Corporate Booking Tool can assist both SMEs and larger organizations in terms of cost savings, flexibility, and convenience.


How does a Corporate Booking Tool work?


  • The travel manager first configures a business travel booking tool as per the company’s policies and compliance.  

  • Following that, employees can use the online trip booking tool to select from an array of available accommodation and transportation options.

  • Once the employees complete the booking, they will receive a confirmation from the corporate travel booking (CBT) via mail.

  • When the employee travels, the manager and administrator can track their location and get real-time updates about their travel.


Why is Corporate Self Booking Tool a must for Travel Agents?  


In this digital era, consumers want a hassle-free process for easy travel booking. The advancement of the Corporate Self Booking Tool has made the trip booking procedure easier. Business travelers can now effortlessly book policy-compliant flights and accommodations using a corporate travel booking portal.

Corporate booking tools are an important part of every corporate travel. When utilized correctly, these tools can significantly ease the burden of booking for both the travel manager and the corporate traveler.

A corporate travel booking tool is an excellent way to save money, time, and more. It can help your business be more productive and efficient by simplifying everyday tasks like booking travel for employees.

A corporate travel booking platform, also called an employee travel booking tool, is self-booking software travelers can use to make business travel booking online. It makes it easier for employees to find policy-compliant flights and accommodation. Apart from that, it enables businesses to collect travelers’ data and ensure their safety.

Corporate Self Booking Tool is a one-stop-shop for keeping your corporate clients happy. It enhances the corporate travel experience by making corporate bookings easier and quicker.

This booking tool includes multi-language and multi-currency functionality, making it helpful for global travel organizations as well. With the Corporate Self Booking Tool, anyone can book activities and hotels directly from the system online.

The Corporate Booking System integrates easily with the backup system and handles everything from a single platform. Thus, it generates an in-depth report to provide customers with a better view of their travel reservations and, as a result, increase their level of control to manage travel policies.

Among numerous excellent corporate self-booking solutions available today, BookingXML's Corporate Booking Tool is the one you can afford to use for your corporate clients.
We promise that we will thoroughly evaluate your requirements to provide you with customized corporate travel portal solutions.


Why choose our Corporate Self Booking Tool?


We make business travel easier with our Corporate Self-Booking Tool- CSBT. It is an effective Travel Management Platform that streamlines the booking process for corporate travel, from the initial search to the final booking. The software allows for trip requests, approval, itinerary management, and invoice generation.

Our corporate self-booking tool can help automate the process of booking business trips for your staff. With this tool, employees can easily book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more from one unified platform.

Our Corporate Travel Management Solutions are designed to simplify the difficult traveling process for corporate customers, allowing travel management businesses to focus on their core business. It enables business clients to request travel, approval, managing itineraries, and generate invoices. 

Your corporate clients gain complete control within the organization while providing flexibility and convenience for business travel.

Our corporate booking tool allows TMCs to provide their corporate clients with an online self-booking tool for their travel needs. It is a complete solution that covers all stages of corporate booking, from employee requests to actual bookings.

Our Corporate Travel Management Tools are designed to help Travel Management Companies and companies focus on their core competencies by streamlining complex travel operations.

Using the Corporate Self Booking Tool you can provide your corporate customers with an optimized and easy-to-use travel management process, as everything happens automatically – from the searching process to the final booking.

It connects with multiple GDS system, third-party suppliers, airlines, and consolidators to obtain global content for Hotels, Flights, Packages, and Car Rentals. So, customers need not call you to check booking accessibility. Rather, they can go to your website and book in a couple of minutes.


How BookingXML can help you?


BookingXML, a corporate travel expert and trusted partner of businesses worldwide, can help your business in incorporating an intuitive booking experience, making it easy for your travelers to make the best travel choices.

We specialize in the development of travel portals, travel booking engines, B2B travel portals, B2C travel portals, cross-platform and native travel portal applications. In a nutshell, you can leverage comprehensive Travel Software to offer a personalized experience to consumers.

We can develop and integrate travel API based on the client's needs and develop custom travel applications based on the customer’s requirements.

BookingXML has a corporate tool that worked to serve the needs of small and mid-level organizations. This enterprise solution combines various sources which serve their purpose with quality in an efficient way with the latest technology incorporation and extended support.

This centralized solution also gains direct and indirect savings without any compliance issues.

The features of our corporate travel booking system are business travel planning, management, and support all through one central channel. Services and information such as booking costs, itinerary info, travel expenses, and emergency information (e.g., weather delays) are all accessible in a single digital platform, making business trips very easy for the traveler.


Benefits of a Corporate Travel Booking Platform:




Implementing a Corporate Self Booking Tool (CSBT) for a travel business can bring several key benefits:


Simplifies Booking 


A business travel booking system can help simplify bookings by combining flight and hotel options into a single package. Therefore, your employees make all their travel and stay arrangements using a single software with just a few clicks.   


Easy to Use


A cloud-based business travel application allows travelers to book tickets from their mobile device or the web, anywhere, anytime. The real-time display of the list of hotels or flights allows the employees to compare easily and select the best choice for them.

Moreover, the tool allows travelers to track critical trip-related information, such as approval status, flight updates, etc., on the go. This way, a business travel booking tool helps travelers make booking travel arrangements easier and less stressful.


Better Policy Compliance


With a business travel booking tool, you can streamline the process of pre-trip approval and compliance. As the tool is already configured by the travel manager, it displays real-time policy visibility with all the travel options.


Interactive UI


One of the major advantages of a corporate travel online booking tool is that it makes booking easier for employees. The user interface is simple, easy to operate, and interactive.
Furthermore, the CBT provides real-time visibility of travel policy on the booking window, allowing employees to book with ease.


Centralized Processes


Some business travel booking tools can provide a one-stop solution for a company’s end-to-end business travel management needs. This includes planning, booking, and support on one central platform.

On such tools, companies can access multiple services, such as flight and hotel booking, itinerary creation, expense management, weather updates, etc., all on one platform. Such a centralized process makes business trips easier for business travelers.


Enhances Travel Personalization


A corporate travel booking system enhances personalization through analyzing employees’ booking patterns and using predictive analytics to recommend policy-compliant options based on past preferences. You can also configure employee-preferred hotels. Moreover, your employees also get personalized alerts about upcoming trips so that they can make all the necessary preparations.


Enables Direct and Indirect Travel Cost Savings


A corporate travel booking platform can help you save travel costs by allowing direct and indirect savings. In terms of direct savings, it offers an extensive inventory of flights and hotels sourced from a Global Distribution System. As a result, you can pick the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

In terms of indirect savings, several corporate booking tools offer business travel incentives to motivate employees who choose the most economical booking option. These benefits increase the number of cost-efficient bookings, bringing down the company’s overall travel costs.


Ensures Better Travel Policy Compliance 


A corporate travel booking system can help you ensure better policy compliance. You can configure multi-level granular policies based on departments, employee levels, trip destinations and duration, airlines, etc. Such detailed guidelines will help employees know how much they can spend on bookings. They won’t have to spend time reading and interpreting the policy over and over. Furthermore, users can check the policy in real time while booking to avoid violations.  


Streamlines Approval Workflow


A corporate booking tool can assist you in streamlining the approval workflow. The software allows you to create a multi-layered approval mechanism based on parameters like employee level, domestic or international trip type, and trip duration.

After you set the approval system, all the trip requests will automatically move between various approvers. Moreover, the software also alerts the approvers in real-time to prevent approval delays.


Grows With Your Company


A cloud-based business travel booking platform grows with your organization. The software is scalable on demand without any additional costs. So, you can add unlimited users, store all the data and manage bookings effortlessly.


Enhanced data tracking


A booking and reservation system can provide useful data on client preferences, booking trends, and revenue, allowing organizations to make informed decisions about their operations.


Increased customer satisfaction


A booking and reservation system can provide clients with a seamless and convenient experience, resulting in better levels of satisfaction.


Saves money


By using corporate self-booking software, companies will be able to reduce these losses enormously by automating their sales cycles through online platforms with ease.


Key features of Corporate Self Booking Tool:




When it comes to the key features of a Corporate Self Booking Tool (CSBT) for travel businesses, the following functionalities are commonly included:

  • User-friendly interface: The CSBT should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily navigate through the booking process, search for travel options, and make bookings without requiring extensive training or technical expertise.

  • Integration with travel suppliers: The CSBT should integrate with various travel suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other service providers. This interface gives users access to real-time availability, price, and special corporate rates, ensuring that employees have access to a wide range of travel options.

  • Travel reporting and analytics: The CSBT should have the ability to track and analyze travel costs, booking trends, and other relevant information. This assists travel managers and finance teams in gaining insights into travel spending, identifying cost-saving options, and making informed choices to optimize travel budgets.

  • Mobile compatibility: With the growing popularity of mobile devices, a CSBT should ideally have a mobile-responsive design or a dedicated mobile app. Employees can now access and utilize the tool from their smartphones or tablets, making it easier to schedule and manage travel while on the go.

  • Travel policy compliance: The tool is set up with the company's travel policy, including guidelines for travel bookings, preferred suppliers, approved travel expenses, and other relevant policies. It helps ensure that employees book within the defined guidelines, promoting cost control and adherence to corporate policies.

  • Travel options and preferences: Employees can search and select travel options such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and other services based on their specific needs and preferences. The tool can offer access to negotiated corporate rates or preferred suppliers to maximize savings and ensure consistency in bookings.


Invest in a Corporate Travel Booking Tool Now


Investing in a good corporate travel tool is not just an option to consider but an essential. Employees have an excellent booking experience when their employer incorporates a corporate travel booking tool in its travel program. This, in turn, increases policy compliance and reduces unnecessary travel spending for the companies.

Travel businesses rely on us since our diverse portfolio of corporate travel solutions provides them with a competitive edge. We make sure that we evaluate your requirements to provide you with personalized corporate travel management software. Our Corporate Travel Booking System is affordable and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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