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Bookingxml is an international travel technology and travel software company and we serve travel companies from 100+ countries across four continents. Bookingxml platform is powered by 200+ suppliers across flight, hotels, car, sightseeing, vacations and other ground services.

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We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C travel technology, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

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Bookingxml develop and enable access to extensive range of travel suppliers which includes all GDS, LCCs, 600,000+ Hotels, 200,000 Activities, 50000+ Car rental locations, Crusies, Eurail, Bus, Insurance and tours and travel experiences worldwide.

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One of the leading online booking engine providers EXCLUSIVELY for travel agencies. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and easy online access to the products your clients are asking for, wherever and whenever that may be.

8 Types of Travel APIs-GDS, Flights, Hotels, Car Rental - Harness the power of our world-leading booking platform

BookingXML provides travel API integration with Flight, Hotel and Car Suppliers, including GDSs like Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport.


Travel API


Travel API is basically set of web services to approach the travel deals from various travel consolidators. GDS, third party flight APIs, hotel APIs — all are used by travel agencies to approach the travel deals online.

Travel API is mostly a set of web services to approach travel deals from different travel consolidators. The travel API’s empower to approach their rich content and travel deals like flight API, car API, hotel API etc. for travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies.

API is a set of web services that facilitates an approach to data sources that can be accessible for OTAs to assisting their customers. This is commonly done by providing information such as hotel booking information, flight information, transport option, traffic conditions, and more.

APIs are also adept to create or modify orders and manage payments, by interacting with providers of transport and hospitality services.

BookingXML is a dominant travel portal development company all over the world. And we offer efficient solutions for travel portal development for small to mid-size travel businesses with cost-effective and eclipse your assumption. Our travel portal development solutions deliver perceptible results to maximize your company revenue from their creative and professional.


Advantages of Travel API:


•    The capability to provide a seamless online reservation experience.
•    Curtail development costs.
•    Advanced Travel APIs grant you to build a custom website for your customers to search and book travel products.
•    Travel search APIs are accessible to set up and supports flexible integration to increase profitability.
•    Travel APIs grant instant booking confirmation and achievement for your business needs.


Features of Travel API:


•    Fast and error-free online reservation facility
•    API Integrated booking solutions
•    Accurate and reliable
•    Customization in multiple languages
•    User collective travel portals


Benefits of Travel API for Travel Business?

•    Convenient Dashboard
•    Flexible travel search of Hotels, Flights, Tour and Transfers in one platform
•    Fast way to Book Hotels, Flights, Tour and Transfers in one platform
•    Grant Third Party Integration
•    Real Time System
•    Maximize Travel Bookings
•    Travel Booking API has different options


Why Should A Travel Agent Go For Travel API?


Travel API


Travel API allowances a travel agent to integrate API for flight booking, flight booking API along with third-party inventory in the booking engine on the travel agent’s site. 

This makes clear that whenever a customer searches to book a flight or a hotel on the travel agent’s site, airline API integration and flight ticket booking API integration will make clear that they won’t be redirected to another site and the payment will be collected by a travel agent. 

With the boost of Travel API travelers would be adept to make secure payments online through their credit or debit card. By availing Airline API integration and being an airline API provider by getting API for flight booking.

There are two key logic to use Travel APIs apart from providing a rich user experience to your online visitors that is to make the utilization and provisioning of travel services more efficient:


  • Acceptable travel consumption


Travel oriented companies and large enterprises can use travel APIs to connect their IT systems directly to travel service providers; automating the booking and enhance the travel plans. This eventually reduces the operational costs for corporate travel agencies.


  • Acceptable travel provisioning


Online Travel Agencies or any other application that boost travelers' plans a trip or purchases travel services, can use travel APIs to provide richer and smart services to their users. For example, a hotel booking site can enrich its services by providing data on flight and sightseeing options, via additional travel APIs.


Types Of Travel API And How They Function?


An API grants the connection between data flow and other functionalities of different software products. In short, APIs act as control panels for developers that can be linked to different software components without dealing with source code.

Travel API, the platform between the virtual world and reality has opened the floodgates for online booking systems. The amount of enormous approach to worldwide content, everything exercised to just single point integration has redefined the global distribution system process for travel companies, travel agencies, and end-users. 

With travel API / travel XML, one can integrate its online booking system to global distribution system network & third party APIs and avail approach to worldwide flights, low cost carriers, hotels, multi-source content from travel suppliers worldwide via single travel API.

  • Flight API 

  • Hotel API 

  • Car API 

  • Cruise API

  • Sightseeing API

  • Transfer API

  • Vacation API



1. Flight API


Constructing a ticket booking and management engine is not an accessible task. It takes extensive effort and a list of resources that most travel websites cannot allow. This is the reason why the bulk of travel businesses prefer using third party travel API integration services

This step takes of the excessive financial liability yet allows the businesses to function accordingly in all the related channels. The use of brilliant Flight XML APIs provides a particular platform for these businesses to operate.


Benefits of Flight API


  • Single perceptive platform

  • Detailed metric system

  • Energetic development

  • Multiple API integration is also possible

  • Convenient Booking Engine


2. Hotel API


We contribute hotel API integration services (JSON / XML / REST) to global travel companies, DMCs and TMCs. We integrate the hotel APIs / XMLs from all the wholesalers, aggregators and hotel XML API providers to build choice in class B2C / B2B / Corporate travel booking portals and online travel booking engines. 

Various hotel API XML integration services grant end-users to find the most aggressive rates and better availability for any definite destination. Hotel API is a web service providing online functionality of seeking and booking hotels. 

These Hotel API manage rates, availability and assortment of accommodations grant you to offer clients with best options for their ideal stay in a specific city. It will be executed on your own travel portal with various payment gateway integration so it will increase customer experience. Hotel API is also called Hotel Booking API.


Features of Our Hotel API


  • Booking Process accessible.

  • Reservation confirmation/cancellation/amended is directly sent to hoteliers.

  • User friendly reservation delivery

  • Ample hotel listing ability.

  • Grant room type listing.

  • Various payment gateway integration.


3. Car API


BookingXML travel technology business a prosperous leader in the travel portal development company offers a Car Rental API to the travel industry. A web based Car Rental API accessible to install, requires only the support of industry standard communication protocols.


Why You Should Choose BookingXML Global Car API?


BookingXML Car rental API is a convenient interface that absolutely relies on hold of industry-oriented communication rules and readymade applications. Car API is what we excel in and that provides the advanced facility of car rental reservation to travelers. 

It could be for any destination. Prices show our perfection in the case of every rental car in API. Apart from this, it offers to pick and drop decision for many destinations.

The extra benefit of Car Rental API, the travel agencies can accessible track the car availability and rental activity at their own locations, while also reporting on sales and analyzing trends. Our Car Rental API boost your car rental company to connect with worldwide platform.


Benefits of Car API:


  • Offers translucency and convenient interface for reservation

  • Prompt notifications for approved reservations.

  • Empower enhanced navigation options

  • Reliable XML web services.

  • Outstanding assistance by purposeful account executive and IT assistance team.

  • A full inventory solution connect with other needs


4. Cruise Booking


BookingXML enables cruise providers at single platform where the travel agents are approach through Cruise API to do easy online bookings of cruises. The API is a connection between the cruise supplier and online travel agencies where these OTA can view their live, real time inventory and availability when penetrate cruise booking software.

Our cruise API is available in the latest technology and gives you approach to multiple UPS services. Our cruise API is best for networking shipping activities at various retail locations, dealers, or branch offices. 


Features of Cruise Booking Software Highlights


  • 24*7*365 booking support available

  • B2C / B2B / B2E Modules

  • Extended Admin assuage 

  • Exclusive OTA

  • Payment Gateway of your prefer 

  • Online flights, hotels, transfers, cruise booking

  • Flexibility to upload your own packages


5. Sightseeing API


BookingXML offers you the best sightseeing API with the boost of which you can make your customer's holiday an enduring one by providing the right sightseeing plans and transfers types. 

Also, we offer powerful API that empowers you to streamline your bookings and capacity management processes from one platform. BookingXML boost you take more bookings and make more sales, expand your footprint while reducing your admin workload.


Features of Sightseeing API:


  • Improved Online Presence

  • Best and adequate Solutions

  • Contribute Best Information to Your Customers

  • Exceptional Interface, Advance Technology, and Expert Support


6. Transfer API


The Transfer API manages the transfer of data from one user to another within a domain. One use case of this transfer is to reallocate application data belonging to a user who has left the organization.

To use the Transfer API, you decide a transfer and then commence it using the insert method. The transfer is deciding in terms of one or more applications whose data will be transferred, and can include application- definite parameters.

We contribute transfer API with all sorts of formalities required. We grant extreme support by allowing approach to our travel portal API. One can create an individual travel portal or mobile application as we provide immediate approach to Premium Inventory. You can reach it from anywhere which makes it more capable. 


Benefits of Transfer API:


  • It offers no space for mistakes and accelerates the booking process

  • Using Individual API integration you can entire browsing to booking.

  • This API grant reliability 

  • Flexibility and user-friendliness makes it an ease for implementation

  • Admirable Assistance by committed account executive and IT assistance

  • Powerful customer assistance is the pillar that allows you to succeed.

  • It offers an admirable solution as per business need


7. Holiday Package 


BookingXML has developed an entire holiday package system where customer can search for the packages which are designed from admin panel by travel companies by having all important information like Inclusion, Itinerary, prices date wise, Accommodation details so that client or user can check all the proper information from a single place and can book the package without consuming their time by traveling physically to a location.


Why BookingXML Vacation Package System?


  • Mobile Responsive Layout

  • SEO Friendly URL

  • Capable admin panel for managing the content and pages of website

  • Attractive Design

  • Most Reliable and protected 

  • In very beneficial cost




BookingXML is a dominant GDS API integration company. It is a specialized integration partner of global distribution systems. This company has integrated the GDS with APIs completely. 

The Software is a certified partner of GDS systems to integrate hotels, airlines, and rental cars with B2B, B2C and B2B2C modules. It even supports other effective modules.

GDS API integration is a central booking tool for the OTAs – Online Travel Agents. GDS is a network which is automated and is single stop for having facilities from airline seats to the hotel rooms.


Features of the GDS API:


  • B2C and B2B online booking portal

  • Leading Flight booking engine

  • Integrated CRM system

  • Online payment gateway

  • Promo code management for marketing

  • Post sale support – Postpone and Cancellation

  • Mobile application iOS and Android


Why BookingXML?


Travel API


Most of the travel agencies are now online and looking for the best travel API to setup online travel booking platform. Travel APIs are a set of web services XMLs to approach the airline contents, hotels, transfer, sightseeing contents in real time with availability & pricing.

BookingXML is a leading travel API provider and along with its IATA authorized fully owned ancillary, it boosts you to maximize your need of travel inventory through a single consolidated travel booking API connection while providing rich flight contents aggregated through several IATA and Non-IATA consolidators. 

BookingXML open travel API XML suite includes flight API, hotel API, car API, transfer API and sightseeing API.


Travel API: A Cost-Effective Way To Get Standard Travel Inventory


One can accessible observe the intense competition in the travel sector due to the developing number of travel agencies. OTA(s), TMC(s), and tour operator(s) feel the need to integrate progressive Travel APIs into their booking engine. This empowers them to offer better travel deals than their competitors.

Moreover, not all the travel agencies are able of integrating GDS due to a high set-up and recurring fees that need to be paid on a monthly basis. GDS integration requires other procedural formalities too. 

These complexities in the GDS integration make travel companies select Travel APIs that gives them approach to standard travel content from an integrated set of suppliers. This saves time as well as money. Here, we are going to consider Travel APIs in detail and focus on the factors that make them crucial for travel companies.


Why Do Travel Agencies Think Travel API Integration Is Important?


It takes a lot of time to frame a travel booking engine. Therefore, travel agencies use third party Travel API integration in order to deliver time. With the boost of Travel API, travel agencies can accessibly search and book fares from various integrated suppliers.

GDSs are not approved by travel companies that have a limited budget. By integrating third-party Travel API, these companies can deliver the latest features to their booking portal such as approach to the best deals for flights, hotels, and holiday packages and other considerable features at a much lower cost compared to a GDS.

A single Travel API can cancel the need for various API integrations from different suppliers. This will also boost improve search response times. The improved agile access to both local and international travel deals through the Travel API increases overall bookings.

Revolutionizing Online travel

  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Online Booking Engine - Flight,Hotel,Holiday Package,Car,Sightseeing and Transfers
  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration
  • Complete booking management system
  • Comprehensive reporting module
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